Best Type of Sports Flooring You Should Know of

Sports Flooring

A variety of sports demands for different sports flooring. These floors are essential in the world of sports because they are generally shock and injury-proof.

Also, sports flooring ensures that players play efficiently without any hurdles. Uneven surfaces can lead to injuries and bruises as well as act as impediments in the matches.

You must have noticed that the cricket pitch is smoothened and cleaned so that there is no problem for the cricketer to bat, make runs, or ball.

You must have also noticed that the flooring for a tennis court is pretty different from that of a cricket stadium flooring. Yes, there is a difference between indoor sports floors and outdoor sports floors. Cricket is played on a pitch in an open field while tennis is played indoors with a different texture of the floor. Not just that, each sport has a different requirement based on the activity and equipment involved in it. Now, let us understand this in detail.

Following are the best types of sports flooring as per the needs and nature of various sports:

  • Maple Hardwood Flooring

Basketball court floors are all dressed up in maple hardwood flooring. Even gymnasiums generally prefer this kind of flooring. These floorings come in diverse designs and colors as well as work for a long period, therefore maintaining their durability for several years. One can also go for installing portable hardwood floor systems that can be removed anytime whenever desired.

  • Recycled Rubber Flooring

Recycled rubber flooring is one of the best athletic flooring and for the fitness centers of the players. These floorings can be cleaned easily and quickly, without requiring excessive hours to clean them. Also, recycled rubber flooring is made in such a way that they possess the character traits of being water and stain resistant, absorb shocks, and are seamless. Also, they are more affordable than maple hardwood flooring.

  • Polyurethane Athletic Flooring

These flooring come under the category of being one of the most durable floorings because of their quality to resist heavyweight and equipment of the athletes. Also called Commercial Vinyl Flooring, because it can withstand the heavy weight and high traffic of people, staff, and visitors in a commercial structure. This is why they are readily preferred for use on commercial floor spaces. Also, such types of flooring can be used for multiple purposes and are prevalent in fitness centers and gymnasiums.

  • Point Elastic Sports Flooring

Point elastic sports flooring has a soft coating on them. The coating is generally done on hard surfaces. These floors are used for mini sports that do not require the use of heavy equipment.

  • Combined Elastic Sports Flooring

These floorings have a flexible sub-construction combined with point elastic coating. Therefore they are termed as the combined elastic coating. They are ideal for the practice of gymnastics.

  • Area Elastic Sports Flooring

These floorings are ideal for basketball courts. They have a hard coating on top of the coating. This is why neither the floor or the ball is affected while playing this rigorous sport.

  • Vulcanized Rubber Flooring

These floors are one of the highest performing sports floors in the world of sports. Also, last for a really long period. In general, vulcanized rubber flooring consists of various layers stacked together to provide consistency to players and are generally shockproof. The top coating is generally slip-resistant and antimicrobial. While the lower layers do the work of absorbing shock and giving stability to the floor.

  • Artificial Turf Flooring

Artificial turfs are used in schools and colleges as they face the need for using original or rather natural grass fields. One of the best things about artificial turfs is that they do not require maintenance; they do not need to be cropped off regularly. These turfs are made up of filament fibers, while the rubber in it helps fight shock and dust. These surfaces are used for sports like football, soccer, baseball, etc.

Many professional organizations specialize in flooring solutions offer various types of wooden sports flooring services for various sports. It also provides permanent solutions for floorings.

You can check out the various online stores or sites to know more about different types of floorings. They also help in advising you what would be best for you according to your needs and the number of people that would be utilizing the floor for the specific activity.

Remember, only the right kind of floor can ensure the safety of the people playing the sport.

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