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Can I See Jupiter with The Home Telescope?


If you want to observe the night sky, telescopes are the fundamental instruments. If you are new in Astronomy, you must be wondering can I see Jupiter with the home telescope. There are many factor and models involved while buying a home telescope, so finding the best one can be tricky. For the beginners and kids, home telescopes are the best as well as an affordable choice.

Features of a Home Telescope

While visiting the market to get the Best Home Telescope, you must keep some factors in mind to get the best value of your investment.

Aperture Size

The aperture size, also known as the diameter of the telescope, is a vital feature to look for while buying a home telescope. How clearly you can see through the telescope is totally dependent on the diameter or the aperture size of the telescope.

The size of the telescope is directly proportional to its resolving power. The resolving power means the ability of the telescope to show details in the sky. If a telescope has high resolving power, it will clearly show the items in the sky. The telescopes which are massive or bigger in size are able to gather more light and enable you to look at even the fainter objects of the sky. Massive telescopes are more efficient if you are in any town and the sky is too much polluted.


A mount is the stand of the telescope that holds all the components together. It’s the vital part of the telescope for efficient observation of sky objects. If you are using the telescope outdoor, the mount will stabilize it on the ground if there is wind or against wobbles. You need to buy the best telescope mount so that your telescope doesn’t get damaged by misbalance.

When it comes to telescope mounts, there are two types, alt-azimuth and equatorial. Altazimuth mount is just like a standard tripod of the camera whereas the equatorial is used to observe the moving objects present in the sky.

Focal Length

The focal length is the distance between the point at which you have focused light and the center of the lens. There is a direct proportion between magnifying power and focal length of the telescope. It means, if the focal length of the telescope is higher, the bigger you can see the objects.

Focal Ratio

By dividing the diameter by focal length of the telescope, you get the focal ratio. Focal ratio is related to the quality of the image that the telescope shows.

For instance, if you have two telescopes and both of them have the same focal length, but among them, one has a higher focal ratio, the telescope with higher focal ratio have a much larger diameter. But it might be difficult to deal with this telescope as everyone wants a lightweight and portable telescope to that they can easily carry it in their car.

The Best Home Telescopes

There are a lot of home telescopes available in the market. All of them have different features and you can easily have an overview of the latest home telescopes from WeReviews.com.

Orion 10014 SkyQuest XT4.5 Classic Dobsonian Telescope

The compact design and lightweight feature of this telescope with the perfect Dobsonian reflector make it an excellent option for traveling. For the clear views of lunar objects like moon, galaxies and other planets, this telescope comes with 900mm focal length and 4.5″ aperture. It means you can get incredible levels of light grasp. The configuration and price of the telescope make it an ideal choice with the outstanding optical performance.

Celestron NexStar 6 SE Telescope

Want to go on the journey of the Cosmos, here’s what you are looking for. It is the signature ‘Orange Tube’ telescope of Celestron designed to deliver a fantastic experience to the users at all levels. 6 ” aperture of this telescope has light-gathering abilities providing some stunning views of planets in the sky.

With 59 inches focal length and SkyAlign technology, this telescope is ready to use within minutes. The sturdy steel tripod, the unique single fork and all other parts of this telescope can be broken down into separate components for portability and also provide quick assembly at the hour of need.

Meade Instruments 209006 Infinity 102mm AZ Refractor Telescope

With 102mm aperture and 600mm focal length, this telescope allows the users to see the objects in the sky clearly. There are three settings of magnification in this telescope providing a variety of viewing situations. With this telescope, you also get Instructional DVD and the Astronomical Software.

This telescope has alt-azimuth mount with slow motion controls and panhandle which provide precise tracking of the objects in both day and night. There is also a red dot viewfinder that assists in pointing out the telescope at different objects.

Levenhuk Strike 90 PLUS Telescope

Levenhuk Strike 90 PLUS Telescope is a smart choice for the beginners and also as a home telescope. The design of the telescope is quite simple with high reliability and you can conveniently use it. It is a perfect choice for kids and the amateur astronomers as it doesn’t require much maintenance. With f/6.7 focal ratio, you can easily observe far objects with details using this telescope.

All the mirrors and lenses of this telescope are made from the multi-coated glass ensuring saturated and extremely sharp images of the objects. You can easily pack as well as transport this instrument because of the compact design and light weight. With the alt-azimuth mount, you will not require any more calibration and alignment.


From the sun, Jupiter is the 5th planet and it is the largest planet in the Solar System. To view Jupiter you need proper levels of magnification. However, you can see it with low magnification too but it will not show details. For zooming in and studying more details about the planets, you will need a high-quality telescope with higher focal length. Even with the smallest telescopes, you can see Jupiter. However, it will appear just like a disc. All the home telescopes given above will provide a clearer view of Jupiter.


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