7 Tips for Caring for Your Cigars and Supplies

Caring for Your Cigars and Supplies

If you’re a cigar enthusiast, then these tips will come in handy for you. Cigars are investments that need to be taken care of properly if they will last, and cigars must maintain their quality over time. The following tips will help ensure that your cigars don’t dry out or get moldy while giving them plenty of airflows.

1) Keep Your Humidor at the Appropriate Temperature

If you’re putting a few cigars in there, then it’s okay to keep them somewhere that doesn’t have an exact humidity level programmed into it. However, if you are storing quite a number of cigars or even wine bottles, then having some precise control over the environment is extremely important.

2) Use Distilled Water

Distilled water is best for humidifying your cigars and equipment, but it doesn’t cause any negative effects like hard tap water can do if too much of it gets absorbed by the wood in your humidor cabinet. Using filtered or bottled water instead of the straight tap could also improve things significantly because these types of waters don’t contain excess minerals or metals that can also taint your cigars.

3) Use the Right Kind of Humidifier

You should be using both a regular and digital hygrometer. Still, it’s important to use an actual humidifying device if you want your cigars to remain in good condition over time. These devices can be stones, foam, or plastic beads that keep moisture inside while adding humidity balance. Cigars need to stay at a relative humidity of around 70% to maintain the right moisture level inside.

4) Keep the Humidity in Your Humidor Cabinet Even

When you keep your cigars at an ideal level of around 70%, both sides of them must be exposed to this humidity range, or else they will start getting damaged over time. Evenness is especially essential if you’re using a hygrometer because if one side reads higher than the other, then you need to store your cigars on that side of the humidor.

5) Keep Humidity in Your Humidor Cabinet to a Minimum

You must keep the humidity at an appropriate level, but it can be costly if you go overboard with this. This is especially true when using plastic beads because they are more likely to break down or release moisture into the air during certain seasons of the year. If there’s too much humidity in your humidor cabinet, then you’re going to have a lot of work on your hands when it comes time for the winter.

6) Don’t Let Cigars Get Too Dry

If your cigar is getting dried out, then you need to add some water and an extra humidifier, or else it will stop smoking properly on top of potentially having bad taste in the future. Extremely dry cigars can also crack if they’re not treated soon enough.

7) Keep Your Humidor Cabinet from Getting Too Hot

Suppose you live in a very warm area. In that case, the chances are that it’s going to be difficult for you to keep the humidity at an appropriate level in your humidor cabinet if there isn’t any air conditioner or fan present. This is especially true when summer months come along and temperatures rise drastically.

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