How to Manage Your PRINCE2 Project Effectively

How to Manage Your PRINCE2 Project Effectively

Most managers know that it is somewhat like juggling twenty or thirty balls in the air at the same time, and the only way to achieve this is to get them to cooperate. In other words you have to get the whole project under control, ‘live’ it, and be able to achieve what you want to do. As long as you are managing your project effectively, you are able to achieve that goal.

First, you need to organize and plan. Plan how to proceed with the tasks you need to accomplish. Your plan should be one long and a clear term plan organizing your actions, resources, and schedule to implement what you set out to do. You may be able to follow your plan for the first week or so, or maybe not. It is OK to deviate and adapt and modify your plan if it is necessary, but the last thing you need is your project coming in at a late date. As on a prince 2 Course London with training.

Next, you need to recognize your tasks, and to ensure that you focus on only those objects which are most important to you. Is your project about acquiring a new piece of software, or is it about remodeling an existing piece of software? If it is the later, and you are using a project management software, make sure that it completely matches the software platform that is being used in your organization. Many companies have tried to introduce different project management solutions, and even if they are compatible with the current solutions, they are still not offering exactly what their organization needs. The organization has people with slightly different first hand experience, and before you can really understand what they are accomplishing, you need to be practical. Stating that a basic project management framework works with MS Excel, or Weather your project management framework is the only game in town is not realistic.

Once you have your plan in place, you need to look at the big picture, and allocating your time. Give preference to those tasks which can be completed with the least amount of impact or which can provide the best result in the shortest time. You can accomplish this by deciding on which goals you want to accomplish, and sorting out the things which you need to accomplish first. If you believe that several smaller tasks can all be completed in a day, and which are completed in 48 hours, then you are going to have more time for the larger tasks. So, it is important to make your plans first, and work backwards.

Finally making you project visible to others. This really might sound a bit silly, but a little bit of planning and organizing can make a big difference so you can see your projects and delegate the work to others. By properly making yourself work organized, and keeping on top of what is being completed, you are going to find that the ability to manage to the ‘small most things’ makes a huge difference for your productivity, and quality. After all, it is over all but optimization that makes things appear cleaner.

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