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Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Give your home a deep clean as you welcome summer. As you all know, the winter season brings many lovely things, including quiet storms, glad tidings, and a chance to create a snowman. Apart from catching up on the latest TV shows, dust, pet dander, dirt, grime, generalized funk, and odors also accumulate in your house.

Maintaining the house’s cleanliness during winter is difficult for most people, and when the spring season comes, everyone wants to get their surroundings as they were. Here is an ultimate guide to spring cleaning.

1. Make a Cleaning Checklist

Before you start spring cleaning, decide on the amount of cleaning that you will handle. Decide whether you want to clean the most important areas in one day or clean all corners of your home and reorganize everything in multiple days. After deciding on the amount of cleaning, come up with a list of the tasks you want to do. To determine the necessary supplies, come up with a list of all the parts you plan on cleaning.

Also, come up with a checklist for the cleaning kit. The kit should have disinfecting wipes, a glass cleaner for windows and showers, an all-purpose cleaner, carpet spot cleaner, a sponge, microfiber cloths, and a duster. Gather all these supplies in a basket, so it’s easy to carry them to any room.

2. Declutter the House

Another great way of getting rid of clutter is renting a dumpster. To kick off your spring cleaning, begin with throwing out things you do not need anymore. Junk removal will create more space and make it easy for you to see areas that require dusting, sweeping, and dry cleaning. Consider using Post-is to indicate the piles as keep, trash, and store. You can then box the things you want to give out or throw away and rehang or pack your important things safely.

3. Spring Clean Away

It is now time to clean your home thoroughly. Because dust is easily spread and kicked up, the best idea is to clean dust. Dust each room, and then go to the next type of cleaning and do it for all rooms. The other technique is to clean every room completely then move to the next. The two methods are equally significant; however, cleaning one room at a time gives a feeling of accomplishment every time.

Begin with dusting the ceiling, then move to elevated objects such as ceiling fans and high shelves. The next parts that require dusting are the blinds, windows, countertops, lamps, and tables. A good spring cleaning involves moving objects such as appliances and couches to clean spaces behind them.

4. Go Down and Deep Clean the House

A deep-cleaned home with minimal clutter offers a good and pristine feeling. Streams of sun rays in your clean house are a perfect reminder that the warmth of the spring season and summer is just around the corner. To clean your home, maintain the appliances. You can remove the grille found in the bottom of your refrigerator and put a vacuum hose accessory. This helps in the removal of dust buildup from coils and protects the compressor from overwork. Also, note that cleaning your appliances will lengthen your appliances’ life span.


Spring cleaning helps you to have a clean and less cluttered home. You will also not suffer from allergy attacks since all the dust and molds are taken care of during cleaning. Also, there is no particular method for spring cleaning. Whether you choose room-by-room, in-depth, green cleaners, or just do it randomly, all techniques will leave your house sparkling clean. When spring comes, everyone feels the need to clean their homes. Use the above steps to clean your home as you await the spring and summer season.

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