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4 Qualities of an Effective Safety Program


It’s essential to have a safety and health program in the workplace. Whether you work in construction or in a traditional office environment, workplace safety programs are important for protecting your employees. Not only can they do their jobs better, but so can you. Beyond the inconvenience of losing an employee due to injury or illness, it can also seriously impact someone’s life.

They may get hurt to the point of being incapable of working for potentially years down the road. It’s your job as their employer to make sure that you set safety rules in place. When it comes to developing an effective program, here are the most important qualities that one should have.


The first step to developing a safety plan is to have training in place. Before you can expect your employees to follow the rules, you need to make sure that they understand them. It’s important that you educate your employees on the best practices for staying safe on the job. Ideally, you should dedicate an entire day to safety training.

If you’re not sure how to lead a safety training program yourself, then you should consider borrowing one online. There are plenty of resources available to you that you could use to educate your employees.

One of the best resources is definitely the osha 10 training.

Hazard Awareness

It’s important that your employees not only know the rules but how to identify things that fall outside of the rules. It’s vital that everyone plays their part in maintaining a safe workspace.

Everyone on your team should feel comfortable enough to be able to identify hazards and bring them to management’s attention. Anything from obstructions in the middle of the walkway to exposed electrical wires are examples of hazards that should be handled. In some cases, you may not be able to eliminate all hazards immediately, but you can certainly reduce the chances of someone getting hurt by them by simply being aware of their presence.


Knowing the rules alone isn’t always enough to keep everyone safe. It’s important that, in addition to being trained, employees are also expected to comply. Complying with regulations not only keeps everyone safe, but it can also avoid getting hefty fines. If you fall outside of legal safety recommendations, it’s possible to get yourself and your entire company in trouble.

Compliance is essential for everyone on the job site. It’s important that management is regularly ensuring that everyone is doing their part to comply.

Constant Improvement

Safety programs can always be improved. Any good program knows the importance of being open-minded to evolving and improving. There’s no such thing as just creating rules and forgetting about them forever. Make sure that you are continuously making improvements on measures that you’ve set in place.

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