3 Best and Handy Compressors for Your PDFs


PDF format files have become an essential format for individuals, businesses, or students. It is a commonly used format if they wish to send or receive information smoothly. Some people may not like PDF document formats because they can be complicated sometimes, but it is now a universal file format. With that said, this article will provide you the best tools to use in compressing your PDF files without any problem.

PDF Bear

PDF Bear is a PDF managing tool that you can use to convert, merge, split, protect, unlock, significantly compress PDF files conveniently. It’s an online-based platform, so you can still use it even if you are in another country or different places. All of PDF Bear’s features come with simple to perform instructions that even a newbie can easily follow. If you want to compress your PDF files, upload those files, and in seconds, you can start using the compressed document.

Aside from its tool, PDF Bear is also free, safe, and secure to use. After you upload or create a new PDF file, the system will instantly delete your data, not more than one hour. It’s essential because there are times that you need to keep your files private and nonpublic. PDF Bear can be accessed using your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and other devices capable of connecting to the internet.

TalkHelper PDF Converter

This software is among the best and advanced PDF managing tools that people can get in the market. TalkHelper features a list of handy tools that won’t disappoint its users. It has a straightforward interface that you can easily navigate, and it will provide you the means to guarantee that you will have an easy way to compress your PDF files. Reducing the file size of multiple PDF files should not be a problem because TalkHelper can squeeze them simultaneously.

To achieve the process, users have to perform the “Drag and Drop” feature and upload their files. Users are also guaranteed that the compressing process will be fast and accurate. Even if you compress your PDF files, this platform will ensure that the quality is not compromised or sacrificed.

Nice PDF Compressor

The best compression tool should always retain the quality of your files. Users can choose to download this software for free or subscribe to its paid version, depending on what you need. A command-line featured version of Nice PDF Compressor is also available so that you can process everything more convenient and faster.

If you have tons of PDF files that you would like to compress, this software supports the feature of compressing them at the same time to save both effort and time. By implementing RunLength or Flate algorithms to compress files, you are assured that your PDFs will be reduced to its smallest size. The Nice PDF Compressor will also update its users with the latest news in the world of PDFs to give them the best experience.


Compressing your PDF files is the best way to attach them to the email and send those files to anyone who needs it. To achieve that, you have to use the best PDF compression tool, and many people would recommend that you use PDF Bear. With PDF Bear, you can safely compress your files without any trouble.

Aside from the compression tool, users can also rotate, merge, convert, unlock, protect, add watermark, split, and delete your PDFs pages. Those tools will also provide an instruction that anyone can easily follow.

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