Role And Responsibilities Of A Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer

The process for filing for divorce differs from state to state. According to Charleston divorce lawyer Ken Peck, you must file at least three forms in the family courts in South Carolina if you are seeking a divorce. These forms include the cover sheet, summons, and complaint. While filing these forms will start the divorce process, it’s typically not as simple as it seems. Depending on the complexity of your divorce, you will likely want to hire a divorce lawyer to represent you. This is especially true if you have substantial assets, children, or bought a home together. Below we will discuss several key reasons why you should consider hiring a lawyer to represent you in your divorce.

Identify Grounds For A Divorce

One of the primary steps a lawyer takes is understanding and explaining the ground for the divorce. Some states allow for fault-based divorces which means you can file for divorce on the grounds of adultery, abuse, incarceration, and cruel treatment. In some cases, this can have a profound effect on the final divorce settlement.

Objective Advice

Divorce hurts. It’s an emotional process. Lawyers will focus on resolving the matter and giving objective advice to help you through the process.

Martial Asset Accounting And Division

To properly distribute marital property, it is the responsibility of the client to disclose all such assets. A lawyer will collect records and locate assets and liabilities so that the divorce settlement properly addresses all types of possessions.

After knowing about assets, the lawyer can prepare arguments about the distribution of assets between spouses and ensure distribution that is right for each party.

Making Custody Plans And Preparing Divorce Papers

A divorce lawyer can help the client in developing a custody plan that is in accordance with the child’s needs and that works for both parents. A lawyer will also represent the client and litigate the case when needed. It is essential to resolve disputes related to divorce, spousal support, and child custody.

The Cost of Divorce

The cost of a divorce depends on different circumstances. These are the type of divorce like either it is fault-based or non-fault based, the party who hires the lawyer. Moreover, the complexity of issues, the extent to which parties dispute child support and custody property divisions, and other issues. Moreover, it is also based on scheduling issues with the family court calendar. The cost may be less than $500 to up to $25,000 depending on the issue and case severity. While you may be tempted to save money by not hiring a lawyer, it’s important to consider the impact the divorce settlement will have on your life after a divorce.

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