Top 5 Features Of PDF Bear That You Can Use To Your PDF Files


PDF has been the general standard for any type of file or document that most people use right now. Because of that, you need to do some conversion so that you will be able to use or view the file. Here are the top features of PDFBear that you can use to convert your files from PDF.


Do you have any JPEG or JPG files that you want to convert into PDF? You must check PDFBear’s JPG to PDF converter. You can convert your JPG to PDF files much easier and faster. That specific tool or converter can also work on PNG, TIFF, and BMP type of formats. An all in one package in just one feature of PDFBear.

What’s great about this feature is that it is for free, and you can use it if you are online. To use this feature is easy as one, two, three, just visit the site first and try to find JPG to PDF. When you are there, you can start selecting your JPG files that you want to convert, then click convert to start the process.


Are you often working with Powerpoint presentations? If yes, then you need to try PDFBear’s PDF to PPT converter tool. It is the best PDF To PPT converter tool that you can ever find on the internet. You don’t need to install software for these features to work, just go directly to PDFBear and find PDF to PPT.

Most PDF to PPT converter tools that you often find on the internet is not on par with PDFBear’s top quality of output. With PDFBear’s PDF to PPT converter, you will be able to convert your PDF file in just minutes, and you will also be given an option to revise or edit your file afterward. This type of feature is not often found in other types of converter tools.

PDF To Excel

If you are trying to find a PDF file converter to Excel, PDFBear’s PDF to Excel is the first one on your list. Compared to other PDF to Excel converter out there, this feature is simple and at the same time, it provides excellent quality conversion from your PDF file.

PDFBear also offers excellent security to your information. After you uploaded your file online to be converted, PDFBear will automatically delete or remove all of your information on their system within an hour. You can have very high security, which other converter tools couldn’t even provide to their clients.

PDF To Word

Do you need to edit or revise something you cannot do since it is in a PDF? You don’t need to worry, PDF to Word converter from PDFBear will help with your problem. It can convert any of your PDF files to Microsoft Word with ease using PDF to Word converter tool. With just a few clicks, you can right away edit your PDF.

To use this feature from PDFBear, you don’t need to install anything, go directly to their site, find PDF to Word, and start converting after selecting the specific PDF files you want to convert. PDFBear’s PDF to Word converter tool will not waste your precious time; in just minutes, you will be able to enjoy a top-quality conversion.


If you are a program developer or working in an information technology industry, then PDF to PNG is perfect for you. You can easily send PDF files to your clients, and they can use PDFBear’s PDF to PNG converter tool to convert the data that you sent them. You can also do this vice versa.


You will never have any problems again when you use all of these features from PDFBear for your PDF files. They secured that your experience with them will be worth it, and you will definitely be using them again. PDFBear has a very user-friendly interface; even a first-timer can immediately use their features without a problem.

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