Your Perfect Guide To Using Power Words To Nail Conversions

Nail Conversions

Have you ever wondered why someone less intelligent than you always seems to get attention while you get sidelined? The secret might not be in what they are saying, but how they are saying it.

The use of power words has been in business and advertising for long. Power words are psychologically strong words that are used to evoke a response. Now is the time for you to know the power words and their meaning to ace every conversation.

To target an emotion

Based on the conversation that is going on, you can target one emotion and use a power word to evoke the same in others. For example, if you wish to encourage your listeners, you can use words like ‘amazing,’ ‘fearless,’ ‘score,’ ‘great,’ etc. Similarly, for showing your pride and appreciation for someone, you can make use of ‘awe-inspiring,’ ‘legendary,’ and ‘superhuman.’ This way, you can appeal to a lot of emotions and serve the purpose of communication.

For raising curiosity

Do you know how to keep someone interested in all that you have to say? The easiest way of doing this is by raising their curiosity with power words and keep using them at certain intervals. Using words like ‘banned,’ ‘forbidden,’ ‘ancient,’ ‘secret,’ ‘from the vault,’ etc. creates an impact that you are giving out some sensitive information. Most people are interested in such content, and indirectly, they will be talking to you longer.

Aiming to create excitement

Every conversation can go on and on if you show interest in what you are saying and enhance the excitement. You should make things exciting for everyone by using words like, ‘free,’ ‘offer,’ ‘full discount,’ or any such relevant messages. These are the keywords that can make everyone excited and willing to know more. You can use a bulk of power words to hold the attention of your listeners and create some excitement in what you are going to say. For example, if you say that you are getting 10 things free with one purchase, it is sure to kindle excitement.

Use of vanity words

Not everyone thinks highly of themselves and a good communicator can tap this insecurity without being mean. There are various power words known as the vanity words, like, ‘ahead of the game,’ ‘fortunate,’ ‘prosperous,’ etc. Using these words, you can make people feel special about themselves after they avail of your services, in a smart way. This sense of vanity can be used to excel at reaching out to the audience with power words.

The concept of lust words

Considered to be one of the most effective types of power words, lust words are not just associated with sexual longings. They can be used to raise an intense desire for any item, be it tangible or intangible. For example, describing a product as ‘enchanting,’ ‘exotic,’ or ‘thrilling,’ you automatically make it more desirable than your competitors. This selection of right power words can enforce a thought, an emotion and in return, result in action without any personal indulgence.

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