Why outsourcing your security needs is the way to go?


Most businesses need some level of security. It goes without saying really, that a business has assets, intellectual property, and staff – all of which are very important to delivering a good product and a profitable result to the shareholders. So, if all these key components of a successful offering are all located in one place, then it naturally follows that you will want to keep the premises secure and the people safe. This applies to any business – from retail through to agencies, entertainment or anything else. But how do you maintain this level of security and is outsourcing this function the way to go. The short answer is ‘yes’. And here are four reasons why you should go this route.

Expert knowledge

If you run an accounting firm, then you are obviously an expert in accounting. If you run a butcher, then you are an expert in meat. So, as a butcher, why would you look to fulfil a security role when you are clearly not an expert in that realm. Rather employ the service of proper security companies to look after your needs. This way you are always covered. They will deliver an appropriate package to suit your needs – obviously, a bank needs vastly different levels of security to a retail butcher, whose needs, in turn, will be different to those of a firm of auditors or accountants. Whatever the case the experts will give you the appropriate level of cover and they will ensure that it is available and delivered as contracted – there is no need for you to worry about staffing and human resources.

Proper training

A real security solution is not just a guy in a uniform who stands at the entrance. There are some people who think that is all that is required, but the reality is very different. A proper guard needs to be useful in any emergency situation. He should be polite yet firm. He should be trained in first aid. He should know how to handle himself in a fight. It takes training and a certain type of person. And given that the role is to protect your staff and assets, you want to make sure that the person doing the job is up to doing it properly.

Cost analysis

Crunch a few numbers and look to see what you stand to save by employing a robust security business solution. If you are suffering from things like shrinkage or shoplifting and you are looking to clamp down, then a good security solution, while it might cost you money, could also save you plenty. Look to price a range of security options that include things like concierge services and polygraphs. If you implement a regular polygraph policy, while it might sound onerous or draconian, it doesn’t need to be if you are upfront and open about it. And, if it is administered by an external security provider, then you are slightly removed from any conflict that might arise from the act. What is guaranteed though is a highly obedient and well-behaved staff if you do go this route?

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