Creative Modular Structure Solutions for the Education Sector

Structure Solutions for the Education Sector

The use of temporary modular classrooms, libraries, laboratories and school offices is on the rise all over the globe. If you visit many schools today, you will notice these structures. They can easily be attached to the existing permanent structures as an annex, or they can be built as stand-alone structures.

According to school administrations, these modular structures have many benefits, and this is the main reason why they are becoming a preference. If you run a school, then you should learn a couple of things about these structural solutions especially when it comes to innovations.

Innovative Modular Classrooms

Classrooms are one of the main structural needs of a school. As a school grows its student body, the demand for more classrooms rises. Sometimes, the need is so urgent that there is not much time to plan and construct permanent brick and mortar structures. This is where innovative modular classrooms come in.

Apart from being very fast to build, they also save on costs. Experts claim that temporary classrooms can be built over the weekend if the ground is ready. Another benefit of these classrooms is in how modern architects design innovative modules. Many of them come with extra amenities like air conditioning, washrooms, smartboards and lockers for the students. If they do not come as a package, they will have factored in their space so that they can be installed later if the school wishes to do so.

Innovative Modular Libraries

Library structures, just like warehouses, require a large space and strong architectural designs. Schools now prefer modular libraries because they look attractive aesthetically, are easy to make and also are very flexible. Students will definitely enjoy using them because they have enough space for different study activities. Some of the innovations that are added to modular libraries include large windows for natural light and ventilation, shelves for books, washrooms and internet connection accessories.

Benefits of Innovative Modular Structures for Schools

In addition to the two main modular structures that we have discussed, schools can also make use of modular offices and laboratories. After looking at the benefits below, you will get a clear picture of why these classrooms are very crucial.

  • Affordability – schools, just like any other institution, have to save money where possible. Luckily, modular structures are always less costly compared to permanent structures. Research shows that schools have already saved millions of US dollars across the world by using these structures.
  • Time savings – after an increased intake of new students, schools are put under pressure to install new structures. Through modular solutions, they can quickly set up new classrooms and other facilities.
  • Flexibility – you can use a modular classroom for many things. Apart from learning, they can also be converted into research centers, examination rooms or even get partitioned to become offices.


Through innovation, modular structures for schools have become more useful than ever. It is anticipated that additional schools will adopt these solutions in the future in attempts to become more innovative.

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