Why Metguard Boots Should be Your Next Work Boots

Metguard Boots

Today, work boots have a lot of features. Like enough features that it’s becoming hard to count them all. That’s the reason a lot of people miss the original features of the work boots. That is metatarsal protection.

Luckily for you, there is a brand that puts metatarsal protection as its primary feature. Learn more about Metguard boots, and learn how to protect your feet.

If you are approaching this matter with a dose of skepticism, it’s time to take a look back.

Back to the Basics

Hundred years ago, there were no adequate laws regarding workplace safety. Sure, there were some, but it was nowhere near today’s laws. In the days of escalating industrialization, work managers and workers faced a common dilemma. New industries were too rough to tame.

Back then, work boots came as the first line of defense against life-altering injuries. In those times, production and manufacture were crude. You could easily sustain an injury that sent you away from the workplace.

That changed throughout the century. Still, to this day, some of the common problems remain the same.

The Average Worksite Hazards

To this day, no amount of protection can guarantee protection against a specific hazard. You can’t counter chance, even with the best pieces of equipment. There’s no way to know when or how something may fall on a worker.

It’s impossible to see every open circuit or an oil leak. That’s why you have those PPE regulations to reduce the chance of injury. Thus, most injuries still happen as punctures and crushes.

Even with all the technology and machinery, falling objects still hurt workers. The silver lining in the story is that there are various worksites. Most of them are tame and well-controlled, but there are those others with high risks. Those are high-risk construction sites.

High-Risk Construction Sites

Simply put, high-risk construction sites are construction sites that are still in development. The risks were lower with more mechanization and infrastructure you add to the worksite. But, in the initial stages of construction, you have to count more on the human factor.

Workers have to walk on bare metal, crouch, and even jump during work. The bigger the building they build, the more risk they experience. For example, if you are building a skyscraper, a falling object may flatten you.

Aside from those extreme circumstances, those are more common as threatening nonetheless.

Crushes and Punctures

When you are working on a skyscraper, for example, you can’t count on help to arrive in seconds. You may be high in the sky, walking on thin pieces of metallic construction. If you suffer a puncture there, it’s pretty much over.

Maybe other workers can get you down. Then transfer you to a medical vehicle so you can get to a hospital. And that is possible if you have a mild puncture. But what happens if you suffer a deep wound while you are far from the ground?

Then, you risk a life-altering or even grave injury. The same goes for crushes. That’s why there are specific work boots that emphasize protective capabilities over other features. Those are the Meguard boots.

Metguard Work Boots

Metguard boots are work boots with complete emphasis on protection. They are unique in this manner since these are the boots that offer the most safety. There are other brands with the same claim. But, only Metguard uses the system of the outer and inner metatarsal guard.

Metatarsal Protection

Metguard boots are the only boots to use the system of outer and inner metatarsal protection. Depending on the product description you read, these features may have a different conception. Their purpose remains the same.

The secret behind the Metguard bulky look is the system of metatarsal protection. You have several layers of protective materials to prevent punctures and crushes from any side. There’s a layer protecting the front of the foot, along with a side layer.

Depending on the model, you may get additional layers of protection. However, the protective capabilities remain the same. With several layers of protective materials, you get a coating that’s too hard to puncture.

Even in the roughest construction sites, you can stop a puncture or a falling object.

Tough Materials

All that protection is possible due to the quality materials. It’s not about leather, but it’s about a mixture of materials that create a specific blend. These change depending on the model, but the overall formula remains the same.

Leather is the basis of the Metguard work boot. However, it’s more like a first, defining layer you build up upon. There are various plastics and composite materials that form the core of the boot. Other materials craft the metatarsal plate, giving you complete protection.

With the use of quality materials comes another feature. That is excellent durability even in the roughest work sites.


Metguard boots need to be durable to sustain you over time. If they, for example, had low durability, then their protection would be pointless. During the manufacturing process, Metguard ensures a staple of quality, protecting you for long periods.

If that wasn’t the case, you would be left vulnerable during crucial moments of work. Ensure that your safety is mandatory in all instances. These boots come with a concept that you can endure various hazards for months at a time.

While you wear them, you don’t have to worry about them breaking or wearing down. Instead, you can focus on work, making the boots your best tool for productivity.

Try Metguard Boots

The Metguard boots are special indeed. These boots are the perfect example of protection and what a work boot should be.

Wear them to ease your mind even in the roughest of circumstances. There are no hazards they can’t handle. Give them a try.

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