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4 Small Decorations That Can Make a Lot of Impact in Your Home

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Sometimes, the phrase “go big or go home” fits. But when you’re already home, and you want to make an impact in a room, you don’t need to go all out. A few small pieces of decor are all you need to do the trick.

The decorations in your home should show off your personality. If you’re by yourself, each item is a reminder of something special. When guests come over, the decor can be a conversation starter.

Instead of loading up on the department store’s idea of style, use these four small decorations to make a big impression.

1. Plants

Indoor plants are a trend that isn’t going away; interior design styles have included greenery for millennia. You could say that plants are the most natural form of accessorizing there is!

For a few decades, we used artificial plants because they’re easier to keep up with. But years of research, starting with NASA’s massive clean air study, have shown the benefits of indoor plants.

They’re good for your mind, body, and style! Because of the advantages of the live versions, artificial plants have been replaced in most homes and offices.

Now, you can find easy-to-grow plants in your local home and garden store or online. Side note: If you have children or pets, check to be sure the greenery you want is non-toxic.

2. Device Covers

Electronic devices are an investment that we want to protect as carefully as possible. They’re expensive, but they’re also very fragile. One accidental drop can destroy an item that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars.

You want to make sure it’s safe, but you don’t want to add a bulky, ugly cover to it. That’s where vinyl skins come in as the answer.

Also called wraps, skins are a way of keeping any device from being scratched and dented. There are a few types of material you can choose from, but vinyl is the least obtrusive and the easiest to personalize.

Yes, your device can double as decor when you add a decorative skin to it. This article by MightySkins explains more about how to choose a skin for your valuable items and the ways you can add your personal touch to each wrap.

3. Accessorize With Texture

The easiest way to make an impact in a room is to add texture to it. An item with texture draws the eye to it. Rough textures, like wool, make an area feel homey and cozy. Smooth textures, such as satin or glass, add a more formal or modern atmosphere.

Examples of accessorizing a room with texture include:

  • A thick, plush area rug
  • Throw pillows on the couch, chairs, or bed
  • Table runners on any flat surface
  • Curtains with colors that enhance the room’s decor
  • Tapestries and other cloth artwork hung on a bare wall

When you add decorative elements with texture in them, you don’t have to do much else to make the space impactful.

4. Mood Lighting

The default lighting in most rooms is bright and glaring. That’s not always the right setting for certain atmospheres. With a small addition to your home decor, you can choose the lighting you want any time of day.

An inexpensive and quick way to do this is to buy a corner lamp. These stand alongside a couch or at the edge of a room and light up the area around them. It’s enough to be cozy, but not so much that you’re on full alert.

To make a space relaxing with just enough light to see, try fairy lights. Like Christmas lights, they’re streams of miniature LED bulbs on wires. They come in an assortment of colors, and you can hang them anywhere to make a setting peaceful.


You’ve heard of using statement pieces and accent walls to get attention in a room. These major decorative ideas aren’t necessary, though. “Less is more” is true when you are strategic about your decor.

You could always load up on the trending artwork, coasters, and kitchen towels at your department store. But instead of spending money on items that will be out of style in a few years, why not invest in something impactful that will last?

These four decorative additions to your home will show off your personal style and make a big impression, too!

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