Tips for Writing a Research Paper without Plagiarizing

Writing a Research Paper without Plagiarizing

Do you know that stealing someone’s ideas is the same as taking food from the supermarket without paying for them? Unfortunately, not all students realize that there is a legal responsibility for plagiarizing content from publications. “I can write a short essay on my own but how to complete a research paper from scratch?” – It’s the main concern for most college students. Research paper writing is really one of the most complicated tasks to do. It’s due to the fact that you can’t write your research without using the findings of well-known scientists.

It’s the reason why many students go to custom writers with the request “I want someone to write my research paper like an expert”. It’s one of the guaranteed ways to submit a plagiarism-free research paper and get a positive grade. Is this the only way to avoid plagiarism in your piece of writing? Check simple tips that will help you to create a high-quality paper that will be 100% authentic.

How to Write a Paper without Copying and Pasting?

First of all, let’s answer the most common question students ask their teachers “Can my paper contain a certain percentage of plagiarism?” Of course, your teacher will answer “No, it must be 100% unique.” Of course, you’ll use credible sources of information to compose a research paper because you aren’t a great scientist. Check how to write an academic paper on the basis of someone’s research without violating plagiarism.

  1. Check your content with the help of a plagiarism checker. Thanks to advanced technologies, it’s easy to detect plagiarism within minutes. Using such tools, you’ll have a clear understanding of what parts of the paper require improvements. You’re recommended to use more than one tool to get reliable results.
  2. Learn to paraphrase. Read articles, books, and other publications, and focus on the main idea. Your task is to present the same idea using words with similar meanings. It’s called paraphrasing. Sometimes, you’ll do this with ease. But in some cases, it won’t be as easy as ABC. For example, this refers to specific texts that contain technical terms. What to do in the situation when you can’t find a synonym? Use paraphrasing tools online, which are many today. Also, you can use such a site as – it’s a dictionary, where you can write the word and get synonyms for it.
  3. Use citations. Have you found the idea that suits your content perfectly but it won’t sound that great if you change it with synonyms? In such cases, you can include it in the text with the quotation marks. It’s the only way to use the thoughts of other writers. But don’t write too many quotes. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t include more than 20% of quotes: you can start and end your paper with the quote that is related to your research paper topic. So, the rest 80% of the content should be your own thoughts and ideas.
  4. Look for paper samples on the same topic. Before you get started, you need to search for credible sources of information and paper samples. Devote some time to the analysis of information. While processing it, check the terms you aren’t familiar with. In order to paraphrase the research of other writers, you need to have a clear picture of what the topic is about.
  5. Include references. If you want your teacher to know that you didn’t have an intention to steal anybody’s ideas, list all the information sources you’ve used in your research paper. Take into account that you should format references in accordance to certain rules, which vary from style to style. It depends on whether you write a paper in APA, MLA, Chicago, or other styles.

What to do if you have tried all the methods listed above but the paper still contains plagiarism? If you can’t write an authentic paper on your own, you can always solve this problem by asking professionals to assist you. Some students worry that submitting a paper written by a custom writer is also plagiarism. No, it isn’t! When you buy a paper from professional writers, it’s written according to your requirements. It hasn’t been published anywhere. So, don’t hesitate to ask for expert assistance if you find it difficult to compose a paper so that the plagiarism checker shows “100% authentic”.

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