How To Become A Church Ministry Through A Seminary School?

Church Ministry

There are many options for students who are looking for online seminary degrees. People who want to get online seminary degrees in masters alone have many options. These online seminary classes will allow people to learn from studying from home, with their job still intact.

These classes will allow students to work and learn at their own pace making sure their jobs and families are also taken care of.

How long will be a seminary school?

Generally, seminary schools are people who want to serve the Christian community by becoming priests. To get admitted to a seminary school, they have to have a previous bachelor’s degree. That means they have to complete high school and an undergraduate degree in any field. If the candidate has an undergraduate degree or BA in Theology or communications they will have an excellent foundation for the role of the minister in the church.

Seminary school will be between three to four years. The seminary study will have subjects like the history of the Catholic Church, theology, and philosophy. Once they complete a Seminary degree the individual will have an understanding of God and his word and he can explain that across the community.

How long it will take for completing the seminary online?

The online seminary classes can be completed within two to three years. But people who have their main work and family obligations generally do online seminary classes according to their availability.

The Cost for Seminary Schools

Depending on the type of school and the program that is selected by the person, the course fee varies between $3000 to $5000. Few local institutions can give grants to people who are interested in completing online seminary classes.

The online master’s degrees that are available to opt from

  1. Online Master of Divinity MDiv
  2. Online Master of Arts in Applied Biblical Studies, MAABs
  3. Online Master of Arts for Biblical Studies, MABS
  4. Online Master of Arts for Biblical Theology Studies, MABTS
  5. Online Master of Arts in Counselling, MAC
  6. Online Master of Arts in Christian and Classical Studies, MACCS
  7. Online Master of Arts in Christian Education, MACE
  8. Online Master of Arts in Christian Leadership, MACL
  9. Online Master of Arts in Christian Ministry, MACM
  10. Online Master of Arts in Church Planning, MACP

Difference between attending bible colleges and seminaries

For people who study at bible college, they will be awarded an undergraduate bachelor’s degree while for the students who go to online or offline seminary schools, they will get graduate degrees.

While bible college is like a community college where people can get a certificate for their undergraduate degree, the online seminary classes will be useful for clergy or ministers who are looking for a professional degree.


For studying in the seminary schools, the students will have to spend a significant amount of time with prayers, ceremonies, study, and service of God. Life in seminary schools will be sleeping, praying, studying, eating, and spending time with the same friends for all those years. But when attending online classes, they can manage both studies, and family things along with working somewhere else.

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