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If you are a truck owner or truck operator, your business is to haul loads. The easiest and most convenient way to find loads is to go to the load boards. Just what is a load board? It is a shipping bid platform that is hosted online and has a variety of delivery jobs. Like a matchmaker in the transport industry, load board helps to connect three main freight parties and they are the trucking companies, freight brokers and shippers.

How Does The Load Board Work?

The shipment bidding process on this platform is similar to eBay auctions. Shippers who want to ship their cargo would post their delivery jobs on the load board. Drivers would often browse the load board looking for loads to haul. When the drivers see a delivery task that matches their preference and requirements, they will place a shipping bid on it. Once the bid is placed, the driver will have to wait to see if it is accepted by the shipper. The shipping bids will continue until the shipper accepts the quote.

One of the most reliable and reputable shipping auction platforms is Shiply. This leading freight matching platform offers truck owners or delivery drivers a chance to earn money by giving them a place to browse and find available freight load.

Why Should You Choose Shiply?

  • Unlike other shipping auction platform, Shiply does not require any sign up fee or monthly description. It only charges a fee that is on top of the quoted amount when delivery drivers win the bid. This means the carriers are free to browse the loads to haul on this online marketplace.
  • There are thousands of jobs being posted on this platform daily by shippers who want their shipments carried out.
  • It can be accessed anywhere. All you need is internet connection.
  • They have a powerful search function to help drivers find loads that match their requirements quickly. Drivers can view the postings by state, by local or by route and this will help them to find shipping loads easily and bid on the ones that fit their schedule and routes.
  • All the competitor quotes are displayed thus offering a transparent marketplace.
  • They have a group messaging system that makes communication simple and more efficient.
  • The feedback and ratings on drivers collected are visible to customers. This means that the better your service, the more likely you are to win bids in the future.

How To Bid For Loads

Once you have found a delivery job that fits your requirements, you should place a bid on it and then wait to see if it is accepted. After the shipper has accepted your quote, you will receive a booking confirmation email which has the full details of the collection/delivery.

Load boards like Shiply can help to improve the earnings of carriers because of the huge supply of job requests posted on this platform daily. They can keep their trucks full or at least partially full instead of driving back with an empty truck or van after delivering the first load.

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