Thoughtful Gifts for Loved Ones Experiencing Health Issues

Thoughtful Gifts
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It’s always hard to watch a loved one go through a rough time. When someone you love is diagnosed with a serious illness, it can be hard to know how to act around them. You want to show nothing but love and support during their time of need, but it can be hard to know just how to do that. Sometimes gifts and material things seem too small to express exactly what that person means to you. But if you do it right, you can show your love and compassion with the perfect item.

When it comes to a family member suffering from an illness, it really is the thought that counts. They don’t need to be reminded of their health situation but would rather feel loved and surrounded by those that matter to them. If you can give that ultimate gift of kindness, love, and thoughtfulness, you’ll be giving an ultimate gift.

Consider what the illness is.

Before you start planning the perfect gift, it can be good to understand more about this individual’s health situation. Some chronic illnesses are more serious and will affect cognitive function more than others. For example, if one of your grandparents just had major surgery, you’ll definitely need to consider that in your gift-giving and maybe find items that will make them more comfortable. Whereas other illnesses, like hearing loss, shouldn’t drastically affect your gifts. Sure, after a bad result from an audiology test, your loved one may have some lifestyle changes that require your patience as they deal with hearing loss. You may not want to get them earphones or something with high tones that will irritate their tinnitus, but apart from that, your options are still pretty open. Consult an audiologist for ways you can help your loved one deal with their new diagnosis of hearing loss.

Remember together.

For individuals dealing with a chronic or terminal illness, one of the nicest gifts you can give is the gift of memories and stories. Especially during the holiday season, try and find keepsakes or special accessories that remind them of the people who love them and the wonderful life they’ve led. A great idea could be personalized Christmas ornaments to commemorate a wedding, a baby’s first Christmas, or even just a photo ornament of everyone smiling together. This is a great Christmas gift as a stocking stuffer or a simple reminder of special moments and memories.

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Give an experience.

Dealing with health issues puts things back into perspective for you. It becomes clearer that material things aren’t the most important thing in the world. Chances are your loved one is more interested in a new experience or just the gift of your time. Be deliberate with the time you’re spending with that individual. Carve out a few hours every week to watch a movie together, play a board game, or talk about fun memories. The gift of a new experience or quality time together will be more special than anything money could ever buy.

Make them comfy.

Depending on the health situation your loved one is dealing with, you may be able to get a gift that will help. While you can’t buy them medicine or cure their illness, you can make them more comfortable as they recover. Gifts like fuzzy socks, weighted blankets, delicious smelling candles, and fluffy pillows are all great items to help make someone feel right at home no matter where they are. You can also bring amenities to make their situation easier, like snacks, activities, or a lap desk for eating. Think a bit more creatively for ways to bring comfort and ease to your loved one in their time of need.

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