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Dancers use their whole body and if there is a part that requires special attention, it is their feet.

I have already been able to talk about the different kinds of dance shoes for dancing in the evening, the subject is vast, depending on the type of dance, the individual tastes, depending on whether you are a woman or a man.

Some dances are best practiced with dance shoes with heels (Latin dances, tango) while others can be practiced flat or sneakers (lindy hop, rock’n’roll,). Let’s try to dissect the relationship between the heels of dance shoes and the practice of dancing or walking.

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Origin of the market on high heels

The man has been wearing shoes for 40,000 years, but the wearing of shoes with heels is more recent, we find in the culture of ancient Egypt.

In French history, fashion high heels come in the 16th century, when Catherine de Medici uses shoes with heels from Italy to grow and honor her husband the Duke of Orleans who was larger than she.

The fashion of shoes with heels of up to ten centimeters will invade the court of France among men and women.

On Italian paintings of the time one can see shoes with high soles and, later, other paintings representing shoes with high heels only.

Until the Revolution, the heels are associated with wealth or nobility, which is why they disappear after 1789, shoes with heels then leave room for boots or low boots.

It is in the 19th century that the shoes with heels make their returns with the women and particularly with the prostitutes. Certainly the aesthetic benefits of high heels were also quickly sought by “honest women” not to leave the advantage to “girls of joy”.

Note that it was not until 1850 that we began to make a right shoe for the right foot and a different left shoe for the left foot, two different shoes so each corresponding to the shape of each foot.

If women wear high-heeled shoes is that it thins, grows, it makes their legs more beautiful.

On shoes with high heels, the gait becomes more feminine, more seductive and because of the fact that the hips are engaged in the movement of walking.

Several reasons for this: The ankle stretched because of the position of the foot in the shoe lengthens the leg, the arched buttocks stand out more.

With the wearing of high-heeled shoes, the hips are involved in the walking movement, the contracted calf brings an elegant curvature to the leg. Wearing heeled shoes forces one to stand up straight to avoid having an ugly look, and finally the heels offer a general enhancement of a few centimeters.

Some also believe that the position of the leg and ankle in a high-heeled shoe would be a subliminal signal of a sexual nature towards the male sex.

So sad are those who cannot walk with high-heeled shoes. It is therefore clear that wearing and walking on high-heeled shoes requires learning and training in terms of balance and muscle.

High-heeled sneakers to be beautiful and feminine

If one has the back pain of wearing 1.5 cm heels rather than flat shoes, women with heels prefer a heel of 3 to 4 cm. With this heel height, we combine aesthetics and comfort.

However, the trend is towards shoes with heels much higher: 9 or 10 cm or even more with shoes with wedge.

Balancing on this kind of model is all the more difficult as the heel is fine. These popular designs have a guaranteed effect on men, but it is strongly discouraged to walk too long with them.

It is necessary then to envisage ladies low heel shoes to rest the feet, the legs and the back. This article is also about men who can wear heels every day. Some models high heel shoes (6cm) or heels called “Cuban” of 4 to 5 cm.

As far as dance is concerned, so-called high-heeled shoes are tolerable to dance moderately as you can in a disco.

They are especially designed for walking because their soles are rigid, or compensated which is not recommended for dance shoes. In recent years, two styles of dance have helped popularize the use of high-heeled shoes for this type of activity.

Pole dance (sensual dance practiced around a vertical bar). In some cases, the heels do not really help the dance, they use for their seductive and sexy side. Indeed, pole dance dancers have their legs up in the air.

The other type of dance that has allowed the general public to watch dancers in heels is what we might call high-heeled dance or close to burlesque dancing. This style is brought to the forefront by the Pussycat Dolls.

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