Watches are an extraordinary and forever-lasting piece of jewelry. Everybody loves wearing a watch and we have got all the reasons to do so. First of all, timepieces make you punctual or at least allows you to be in time for different events. Secondly, watches make you look beautiful and aesthetic. It goes with every dress and adds to the overall look. Long story short, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a watch. It may sound surprising but women have now turned to pocket watches after beautifully enduring wristwatches.

Pocket watches have always been an accessory of elite men. In early societies, men would flaunt their personality with a precious timepiece tucked in their coat pockets. But the contemporary world has brought pocket watches back for women in style. This modification is surely loved by modern women.

Modern pocket-watches for women

Pocket-watches are now available with a chain and women can wear it as necklaces. This trend has taken the world by storm. These can be purchased in different colors and the dial is just like that of a pocket-watch making it all the more appealing and vintage.

Skeleton watches are the new rulers

Today watch styles are more about the dials and less about the bands. Earlier, watches were manufactured with different bands. Metal, wood, leather, and other materials were used but the dial remained the same. Stainless steel with a white or black background for the hands of the clock.

Skeleton watches, now available on IWC and all other renowned watch stores, have changed the way we look at timepieces. Skeleton backgrounds not only add to the grace of a watch but also the owner. These are diverse and different designs can be bought both online and offline.

Interchangeable items

Not so new, but these timepieces are still as fresh as forever. Watches with changeable bands and dials are loved and adored by both the genders equally. The idea has sustained so long because it offers diversity and is cost-effective. For example, with a typical watch, you would have to buy at least three watches that can go with every dress you wear.

But the interchangeable wristwatches have turned the tables. In one purchase, you have access to three or four bands of different colors. And if you are lucky you get different dials also. This way you can choose which dial and the band will go with the attire of the evening.

Floral watches

Women love floral designs. Whether it is bed sheets, kitchen plates, or wristwatches. Flowers are the perfect pick. Manufacturers kept it in mind and came up with beautiful collections of floral timepieces and now they are topping the charts. Not too overcooked and still classy, these have become the adorable accessory every woman owns.

Women love diversity

Apart from these in-trend pieces, ladies opt for rose-gold and printed watches that are sophisticated enough. Also, over the years women have changed their interests in dials. From a thin rectangular dial to today’s big round dials, the female gender has come far.

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