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Glashutte Watches

There aren’t many male accessories that hold the same history and appeal as a good-looking watch. There was a time when people thought that watches would go extinct due to the existence of phones as you can easily see time on them. Those people thought of wristwatches as just a tool for reading time. But they are much more than that.

As the reason for carrying a watch changed, so did people’s perception towards it. A watch is now a fashion statement and a symbol of who you are as a person. You can tell a lot about a person just by looking at the watches that they like to wear. For example, someone who is conscious about their looks cares about the things they accessorize themselves with and wants them to last will most likely gravitate towards high-end expertly crafted luxury watches. Let’s take a look at a few of the best luxury watches on the market.

The wonders of Tutima Glashutte brand

If you have long been a watch collector, you might have already known that Tutima watches and Glashutte are brands closely associated with each other. Glashutte was recognized as a base for German watches back in 1945. Tutima is a brand that has risen from the bankruptcy of another famous watch company. Together, they made up Tutima Glashutte.

Tutima Glashutte Saxon One Blue Automatic Dial Unisex Watch 6121-04

Brown leather watches are considered a timeless piece that is especially recognized as a casual model because of the hint of ruggedness brought by the warm-tone band. This watch from the Saxon one collection has a cushion case made of high-quality steel measuring 40mm across. It houses a crystal of sapphire and a transparent back. Its strap is made of brown leather.

The dial is colored in deep blue with a luminescent finish, a perfect contrast to the warm-tone band. It has alternating Arabic numerals in white print and luminous arrow-looking indexes. The hands also come in an arrow-shaped in shiny silver tone. On the right side is a date display section. It is managed by Tutima Calibre 330 and resists water up to 100m.

Tutima Glashutte Sky Automatic Red Dial Men’s Watch 6105-26

If you admire the look and feel of vintage classics, but don’t like the boring blacks and browns, then this is the watch made for you. The 41mm dial is encased in high-end steel housing. The back is completely transparent, so you can see the inner workings, and the straps are made from the same high-quality metal as the dial.

But the back is not the only impressive thing about this watch. Taking a look at the front will reveal a charred amber red color, shiny silver-like hands, and a date section is located to the right of the dial, so you never lose track of your date. Other than being functional, the date section also creates an artistic asymmetry on this watch to give it that pristine visual beauty.

Tutima Glashutte Automatic Royal Blue Dial Unisex Watch 6420-05

The combination that is most approved by watch collectors all over the world is silver and blue. You will know why with this watch from the Saxon one collection. It has a circular housing made of steel measuring 43mm across. It has a crystalized see-through back. The straps are made of stainproof high-quality steel, just like its case.

You will see from its dial how detail-oriented the watchmakers of the brand are. It comes in a bright blue with an emissive finish. It is inlaid with silver-tone indexes with luminous tips and silvery, hands shaped like an arrow. It contains three specialized mini dials on the left side and a date section on the right. It is powered by Calibre 521 and has a 200m water resistivity.

Tutima Glashutte Sky Automatic Jade-Green Dial Watch 6105-24

You will find plenty of folks that will dismiss a watch just because it’s green. These people don’t know the beauty and style that they are missing. A jade-green watch, if made properly, can look like royalty in the world of luxury watches, and what better example of this than the Green model from the Sky collection of Tutima. This watch has everything from a stainless-steel body to a metallic strap and a transparent back, yet it takes it a step further with its majestic emerald-like dial.


While a luxury watch might appear too expensive for people new to the world of watches, any veteran will gladly tell you how good of a value they are. Cheap watches will break down quickly, and expensive smartwatches will lose their value as soon as the next model comes out. Luxury watches, on the other hand, will not only last for years to come but will also look just as stylish ten years from now, as it does today. So, if you are someone looking to buy their first luxury watch or someone experienced looking to expand their collection, give Tutima Glashutte a shot.

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