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We may feel frustrated at times when handling tons of PDF files, but there are easy and straightforward ways to bounce out from it. Using tools should help you and not stress you, and with that, GogoPDF is the only tool that can effectively help you. Solve your problem by using these excellent tools of GogoPDF.

Add Watermark

Files like images, videos, or documents can be easily stolen or taken from you if you don’t have anything that protects them from people. If you ever decide to upload them to any of your social media accounts, make sure that they are protected by putting a watermark on the file. With that, no one will simply claim that they own your file. By adding a watermark on your documents, you need to use the “Add Watermark” tool of GogoPDF so that you can right away protect and secure your PDF files.

Using this online tool will help you achieve a perfect watermark for your PDFs. It will help you protect your essential digital assets instantly by helping you add watermark to PDF files. The online tool also enables you to choose what type of watermark you want, either text watermark or image watermark, and even their font style and shape. And, users can freely decide where to locate the watermark in the PDF. Furthermore, here’s a direct way on how you can put a watermark on your file:

  1. Tap the select file box, then choose and upload your PDF file to the system.
  2. Grab your chosen photo, stamp, or logo that you wish if you want an image watermark. If you want a text watermark, you can type in the text then choose where to position the watermark.
  3. After that, click the “Add Watermark” button so the tool will start the process. Please wait for it to complete successfully.
  4. Your freshly watermarked file is now ready for download, or you can send it to your email.

Protect PDF

Another way to protect your essential files is to encrypt them with a password. It will help retain your files secluded from unauthorized individuals and safely secure sensitive data and your PDF’s crucial information. You will never know when someone hacks their way into your files. If it does concern you, start protecting your PDF now by putting a password in it. Through that, you will no longer feel afraid for your essential documents.

You can use this web-based online Protect PDF function, one of the GogoPDFs main tools, to carry out your goal. This one will help you add a password to PDF files quickly and hassle-free. It is really secure since the system is equipped with the 128-bit AES, which means that no one can easily crack the codes even if they use brute force to attack the file. The process of encrypting the PDF with the tool is so fast and straightforward. And don’t worry about the files you upload to GogoPDF because they will delete your file automatically in a matter of an hour. Protect your PDF now and follow this step-by-step guide on how to password-encrypt:

  1. Get the PDF file you wish to lock from your drive.
  2. Type in your code; you have to make sure you meet the necessary characteristics for a password.
  3. GogoPDF will process your document pronto. Please wait for it to finish the process.
  4. After that, download your newly password-encrypted PDF file. You can also directly send it to your email.

Number Pages

Add a page number to your PDFs by using GogoPDFs easy to use tool. With that, it will be easy for you and for everyone to help quickly detect certain content. Also, adding page numbers makes the file more professional-looking and organized. Numbers are essential to use when you want to point out or highlight your vital points, especially if you’re making reports or projects.

Luckily, achieving the adding of page numbers becomes easy with the use of the “Number Pages” from GogoPDF. The process instantly puts numbers on your PDF pages. You do not have to search it on the internet because it is so easy to do that even newbies can perform it well. Here are four instructions that you need to follow to add page numbers correctly:

  1. Upload the PDF file you want on the site.
  2. You are able to choose where you want to locate the page numbers. Suppose done, click the necessary button to proceed.
  3. For the process to wholly and entirely finish, you have to wait for a few minutes.
  4. You can either download the file or send it to your email.


Be effective and efficient with the use of GogoPDF tools. With that, you will no longer feel any difficulty in terms of handling your PDF files. Without a doubt, it will also make your life easier.

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