Throwing Shade This Season: Women’s And Men’s Sunglasses In Vogue


Sunglasses are perhaps the most worn accessory in Australia, with the weather usually being bright and sunny. Polarised sunglasses are a real boon during hot summers when people want to enjoy a day outdoors on the beach. Polarised coolers have a lining in the lens that protects the pupils from the harmful effects of direct sunlight. Thus, it helps people protect their eyes while enjoying time outdoors. Although essential, sunglasses are also a fashion accessory with ever-changing trends and styles.

Men’s Sunglasses And Their Trends This Season

Men’s sunglasses come in a vast array of designs and are constantly evolving. The sunglasses in trend this season are,

Sporty Shades

Sporty shades are a wide square-framed pair of glasses with an uncanny similarity to wayfarers. They are big and usually come in a uniform colour and pattern. These shades are understated, but they embellish any casual outfit. These shades were made popular by celebrity sportsmen and athletes, thus the name. They come in a range of dark colours and suit all kinds of outfits.

Always a Classic: Aviators

Aviator frames are like the jeans of the apparel world, a trend that stayed. Aviators bring a mature and classy vibe to any outfit, be it casual, dressy or professional. They come in several colour combinations, but the most popular is the gold-rimmed dark aviators that are a class apart. They bring a royal look to any outfit and are the go-to option for bikers and road trippers.

Patterned Frames

Traditionally, frames in sunglasses were only an accentuation and support for the lens, but today, they are the centrepiece of the sunglasses. Even during the 80s and 90s, tortoiseshell frames were a trend. Essentially, the frames had flecks in them in aesthetic patterns. The flecks would be in a complementary colour to the base colour of the frames. But today, patterned frames have a vast range of designs and patterns on them. From chevron to Aztec designs and mandala themes, patterned frames are a rage among all age groups.

Teeny-tiny Shades

This sunglass trend can confound a few people, as the glasses are barely big enough to do their job of protecting the eyes. But while they look tiny, the lenses are just correct for the eyes, providing ample protection. In addition, the lenses come in unique colours, from lime yellow to fluorescent pink and magenta. The colours are always loud and bright, with metallic coloured frames.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes refer to defined shapes, like octagons, hexagons, pentagons, etc. Hexagons and octagons are globally popular, and even in Australia, gold colour and octagonal rims with black lenses are in trend. These sunglasses are the perfect blend of professionalism and casual elegance. They pair well with any occasion ranging from business meetings to evening parties. There are more complex shapes like a tridecagon and more.

Flip-on Shades

These frames were in fashion earlier, then became a point of amusement, and are back in trend today. They are essentially a layered pair of glasses. The base layer is usually prescription glasses with a flippable attachment that has sunglass lenses. The latest trend, though, is slightly different, as both layers are different-coloured sunglass lenses. In addition, when the top layer is flipped down, it merges with the bottom layer creating a unique effect.

Retro Chunky Frames

Chunky frames are back in business along with several other retro trends. Contemporary trends in all categories, including polarised sunglasses, are borrowing themes from the retro era. The chunky frames in bold colours make headways at runways and bring a cool and fun vibe to outfits. These sunglasses become the talking point of any occasion.

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