Things to Consider When Searching for Your Next Apartment

Next Apartment

Deciding to upgrade to a better apartment is exciting! Since you’re going to be going through the moving process anyway, this is your chance to make sure you get everything you really want in your next place.

Major factors like square footage, number of rooms, and location are the obvious things to look for. But if you think beyond these basics, you can find a home that gives you some incredible conveniences.

Start your apartment hunt early so you have time to shop around. While you’re comparing the best bang for your buck, consider these tips to make your next apartment your best one yet.

1. Security

You have to feel safe in your apartment. That’s a non-negotiable must-have.

As you search for your next apartment, look for security features that increase your comfort level, like:

  • A private entrance or fenced area
  • Extra locks in your home if you have a common entryway
  • A lobby or doorman for indoor apartment complexes
  • Secure locks on windows
  • Security systems for the apartment
  • A secure, gated entrance

When you don’t feel safe in your home, it’s harder to sleep at night. Give yourself the peace of mind of waiting until you find an apartment that has extra security features.

2. Temperature Control

If you live in places with frigid or hot climates, you know the importance of finding a home that keeps you feeling just right.

Central heat and air is one of the top factors people look for when they buy a home, and it’s important to tenants, too.

The last thing you want to be doing on a freezing cold night is running out of fuel for your heater. On a sweltering day, a few open windows and a couple of fans aren’t going to cut it, either.

Temperature control is a must-have in your apartment. It’s essential for comfort, but it’s also a safety feature. Open windows let in pests and are a beacon for intruders. Heaters are fire and carbon monoxide hazards.

Put this at the top of your list when you’re searching for your next place. It sounds like common sense, but not all apartment buildings offer this feature.

3. Community Rentals

When most people think of rentals, they visualize vertical apartment buildings. These are interconnected single-family units that share a common location. While they’re great for individuals or small families, they have some drawbacks.

Vertical apartments also share much of the same plumbing, so if someone else’s goes down, so does yours. Apartments are generally not highly insulated from sound. Loud neighbors can be distracting and annoying.

You might be better off in a community rental that offers the benefits of apartment living in a horizontal setup. In other words, it’s a development complex full of single-family rentals. Everyone in the area is a tenant, but the apartments have the benefits of a house.

You still get to share amenities. A landlord oversees maintenance and upkeep. But you have a private backyard and no shared walls or plumbing to deal with!

4. Modern Appliances

Whether you cook a lot or not, the convenience of modern appliances can’t be overlooked.

But not every apartment complex offers these daily timesavers, like dishwashers and garbage disposals.

Many appliances today are energy-efficient. They save you money on your electric bill while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. You can feel good about your long, hot shower or running the dishwasher instead of hand-washing after meals.

What are the top appliances you think would help make your day more efficient? Keep looking around until you find an apartment that offers these amenities.

Some of the most common include on-site laundry facilities or in-apartment hookups for your own machines. Flat-top stoves and side-by-side or extra roomy fridge/freezers are other perks.

It’s not being picky to want these things. You’re adding room in your day to more important matters, and you’re being environmentally friendly, too!

5. Outdoor Privacy

A frequent complaint of apartment dwellers is that they have no outside privacy. A small patio or deck lets you enjoy the fresh air, but you might not feel comfortable sprucing the area up and making it yours.

If being outside is important to you, look for apartments that have a yard or a private deck. You’ll be able to invest your time and money into decorating it, giving you a place to relax on beautiful days.

A little outdoor area is also perfect for entertaining guests. This is an amenity that not all apartment complexes offer, but put it on your list to hold out for!


It’s tempting to look for apartments that fit your budget and location preference and then stop searching. But if you hold out for these amenities and conveniences, you’ll enjoy the time in your new home more than you realized was possible!

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