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Tech Telecon with Afuzion

For any professional or engineer in the aviation and avionics industry, understanding the necessary regulations for safety-critical compliance is a key aspect to be able to operate in commercial airspaces. Understanding who the leading authorities are providing the correct training and certifications is another key consideration to ensure the highest level of compliance. As an industry leader, AFuzion has provided extensive training and certification services to over 30,000 aviation engineers and managers.

AFuzion Provides Avionics Software and Hardware Systems Training

AFuzion was founded by CEO and safety-critical expert, Vance Hilderman, and is composed of a team of engineers, pilots, managers, and technology experts with over thirty years of experience. As a boutique company, they have permanent placement in conferences like Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC), the Society of Aerospace Engineers (SAE), Aerospace Tech Week, Electronics Valley and associations with organizations like the FAA, EASA, CAAC, INTA, and TC.

AFuzion covers the standard DO-178C (Software) and DO-254 (Hardware) training, which are required guidelines to meet commercial aircraft compliance standards. The DO-178C (Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification) has been a de facto guideline since the 1980s, used and regarded almost as a ‘bible’ among industry professionals. The DO-254 is a guideline directed towards airborne electronic hardware and its proper functioning.

As part of AFuzion’s extensive training services, they also provide numerous plans and checklists that go through the planning and development processes for the DO-178C and DO-254, additionally, their training covers the ARP4754A (Aircraft and Avionics Systems), ARP4761A, DO-326A (Aviation Cyber Security), DO-200B, DO-326A, DO-278A, and CAST-32A Multicore Training.


The AFuzion team provides numerous whitepapers, available to download from their website, these are developed and copyrighted by them, with 95% of avionics companies using it as references. The range is wide and includes everything from an ‘Avionics Acronyms List’ to ‘Unmanned Aerial Systems Vehicles – Certification’, and more.

Gap Analysis

Other services include AFuzion’s Gap Analysis, which work with the above-mentioned processes, including the DO-178C and DO-254. With customized consultations with each company the team conducts assessments to analyze and determine what is needed in terms of software, hardware, quality assurance, safety, and configuration management, and cost and schedule reduction to allow cost-effective gap closures.

Process Improvement Services

AFuzion’s services span to over thirty countries worldwide, and they work onsite and offsite with companies and professionals to focus on optimizing all areas of avionics systems and engineering processes. The team at AFuzion offer a variety of expertise within the scope of productivity, Agility, reusability, risk and schedule reduction, as well as CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) capability.

Schedule a Free Technical Telecon

AFuzion offers a free 30-minute technical telecon to assist in providing answers to anyone who has technical questions, this can be scheduled from their website. There are also various free resources available, namely, a training video sample, invitations to technical webinars, and a sample certification checklist, among others.

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