Bad Habits to Kick to Start Living a Less Wasteful Lifestyle

Bad Habits to Kick to Start Living a Less Wasteful Lifestyle

How many times have you left a room and left the light on? How many times have you eaten half of what’s on your plate an threw the rest in the garbage? And how many times have you left the water running until it got hot? If you can honestly say that you’ve never done any of these things, then well, you’re a saint. But the truth of the matter is that we’ve all been guilty of these bad, wasteful habits and it’s time start putting them to an end.

As deep as we are in a health pandemic, we are also in a waste crisis right now. The pandemic just came about last year but we’ve been in a waste crisis for many, many years, and it’s gone on long enough. From plastic bottles everywhere to garbage bags full of perfectly edible food, our entire lives are full of wasteful habits that heavily impact our environment, and so far, it’s been for the worst.

It is our responsibility as individuals to save our planet, and a great way to start is by reducing our waste impact. No one is perfect by any means, so this may be a habit that’s hard to kick, especially being that we’ve been having these wasteful habits most of our lives. So if you falter in the process, don’t beat yourself up about it, just keep trying to do better… Trying is a step in the right direction.

If you’re serious about trying to kick your wasteful habits and start living a less wasteful life, here are some daily habits to pick up to get you headed down the right path.

Lifestyle Changes to Be Less Wasteful

Join a Shared Solar Initiative

This particular habit is going to help in being less wasteful with your electricity. You may not know this but traditionally speaking, our homes are powered by electricity that’s generated by fossil fuels, and when these fossil fuels are burned, they release sulfur dioxide into the air, contributing to the forming of acid rain… this is terrible for our environment.

When you join a shared solar initiative, the electricity in your home is generated by the sun’s energy, which does no harm to the environment, and it drastically lowers your electric bill. So even when you leave a room and forget to turn the light off, you’re still not doing any harm to the environment… Make the switch and you’ll save money and the environment!

Stop Wasting Food

Do you know how many people are starving in the US? 26 million according to The Washington Post. And here we are filling our plates with food we know we’re not going to eat all of… So how can we reduce our food waste and incorporate those habits into our daily lives? Well, it simply starts with being more food conscious and shopping smart.

Buy foods you know you’re going to eat, save leftovers, and organize your food. If you make a lot of spaghetti sauce, freeze half of it to use at a later date. If you buy a large tray of chicken breasts, separate them into individual biodegradable freezer bags to pull out when you’re ready to eat them. There are so many things you can do to be less wasteful, you just simply have to put your mind to it.


From food to clothes, you can donate these items to those in need versus throwing them away. If there’s a homeless shelter near you, make it a point to donate clothes you can no longer fit or use anymore to them. If you’re changing up your eating habits and need to get rid of food in your pantry that you choose to no longer eat, there are people who can use that food to feed their families.

There are several more ways to be less wasteful in your daily life. But the three areas listed above are the most common ways we waste every day. If you can start there, you’ll be able to incorporate more habits into your lifestyle with ease.

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