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Straighten Teeth the Smarter and Easier Way with at Home Clear Teeth Aligners

Home Clear Teeth Aligners

How Teeth Straightening Technology Has Changed for the Better

It would be a dream if every person on the planet had perfectly straight teeth, but unfortunately, many people need help readjusting their teeth to make them straight. For generations, braces have been the go to for teens and adults seeking perfectly straight teeth. These contraptions must be placed by a qualified orthodontist and must be worn for years at a time to achieve the ideal look. There is a better way to get the perfectly straight teeth you desire without such mouth intrusion. At home clear teeth aligners are here and making it easier than ever before to have your pearly whites perfectly aligned.

A Healthier Approach

Just because a product has been used for many years does not mean it is the best way. By improving medical devices and technologies we can have a positive impact on the everyday lives of people. Braces can be essential to certain types of teeth straightening needs, but the common cuts and bruising that often comes with the use of braces is not completely healthy. Additionally, food can get stuck in braces and you can never be completely sure your braces are clean.

With at home clear teeth aligners, they can be removed and cleaned completely for a more hygienic approach to teeth straightening. No more embarrassing and stinky food stuck in your braces and you can say goodbye to cut and bleeding gums for a completely healthy mouth once again. Just remove and brush your teeth for a clean refreshed mouth every day, multiple times per day.

No More Embarrassing Metal

Undergoing any dentist procedure can be a bit uncomfortable. It is not so much the physical discomfort that is often on the mind of an individual with braces, but the fact that everyone can see them. Some people with braces even avoid smiling altogether to avoid the potential embarrassment of someone seeing their glaring braces. At home clear teeth aligners remove the potential for embarrassment completely.

The fact that the aligners remain clear on the wearer’s teeth means that when meeting someone for the first time, you need not worry about not smiling at them. Show your pearly whites to the world with convenient and comfortable at home clear teeth aligners.

Less Time Than Braces

Braces may have been the gold standard for straightening teeth for most of our lives, but today’s patient wants much more than just eventual straight teeth. At home clear teeth aligners are quickly dethroning the teeth straightening king and taking that gold standard away.

One of the main benefits of teeth aligners is in the time it takes for the average person to see the results of straightened teeth. With general braces, the orthodontist is largely in charge of how fast or slow your teeth are straightened. It can take years of tightening appointments and adjustments to see results and full results are not even evident until the braces are taken off.

When you use at home clear teeth aligners, time is largely cut in half. This revolutionary technology allows you to see results as you go along. With each new aligner, generally switched out bi-weekly, the patient can physically see their teeth getting straighter which is excellent motivation to continue using the aligners.

Fewer Dentist Visits

Dental visits can cost a lot of money. Even with the top rated insurance carriers, copays and additional fees add up quickly. With at home clear teeth aligners, there are very few dental visits. The system allows for different aligners, set to the patient’s specific teeth, to be sent home in one order. The patient is required to follow instructions to change out the aligners on a bi-weekly basis. On average, a one year treatment is a series of 26 aligners to help slowly align teeth.

Easy to Remove

It is true that the vast majority of a patient’s daily routine will involve wearing their clear teeth aligners, but unlike braces, aligners can be removed easily. Professionals recommend wearing your clear teeth aligners for at least 22 hours per day, but that gives you 2 hours to clean your teeth, eat, and basically take a break from wearing the device. At home clear teeth aligners are remarkably comfortable, but it is nice to know you can take a small break if necessary.

Easy Brushing and Flossing

Taking care of your teeth should not be complicated. However, when you have a mouth full of metal, cleaning those teeth turns into an unbelievably complicated chore. Clear teeth aligners make cleaning your teeth much easier. As stated above, the aligners can be taken out when necessary for cleaning, so you need not worry about a complicated system, just to brush and floss your precious teeth.

At home clear teeth aligners are the easiest, safest, and most enjoyable way to straighten your teeth. Top leading companies such as SmileDirectClub, Candid, AlignerCo, and Byte are enjoying supreme success in the teeth aligner world. When you want straight teeth without the hassle of braces and the endless struggle to keep your teeth clean while wearing them, ask your orthodontist about at home clear teeth aligners. Enjoy the many benefits of teeth aligners without the complication and uncomfortable nature of traditional braces. There is a better way to straighten your teeth and at home clear teeth aligners is that way.

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