Simple tips for greening your office

greening your office

Your office is the place where you spend close to a third of your time every weekday. This is a considerable amount of time. So, it should probably go without saying that you should do whatever you can to make the office a comfortable and enjoyable place to be – both for yourself and your staff. But doing this can be harder than you realise. But it is not impossible and there are several tips and tricks that can help to make it a lot easier. This applies especially to the business owner who lacks ‘green thumbs’ or the ability to make plants flourish. So, if this is you, read on.

It is not just about the plant

An office plant is not just a plant, it is a whole package. With this in mind don’t just think about how you are going to be greening the office, think about the art that you are bringing with it. The pot that the plant comes in is just as important as the plant itself. The last thing that you want is a stylish and prospering plant in a nasty cement pot or a tatty plastic container. For instance, you might want to seek out a place to buy terracotta pots Melbourne certainly has a few options to choose from. Find something stylish and go from there. You are creating a whole package.

Hire in some help

This is not something that you need to do yourself. Certainly, as a CEO or owner of a large company, it would smack a bit much of micromanagement if you were picking out all the plants and doing the watering yourself. So, look at your options. You might want to co-opt some staff to help or maybe it is worth looking at the outsourcing route. There are many companies that rent out and maintain office plants. They will send people to your office regularly to help with the watering and the maintenance of the plants. And what is best is that if the plant takes a turn for the worse then they will simply replace it with a healthier specimen – certainly a nice option for those people who struggle to keep plants alive.

Do your research

Having plants in the office is great for many reasons, but you also need to be smart about it. You can’t just have any old plant. Many people who think they are bad with gardening are just failing to do their research properly. Some plants thrive indoors, others don’t. Some need lots of water, others survive on very little. The key thing is to know what works and what doesn’t – for the most part an indoor plant won’t get too much sunlight – remember that.

Make a feature

Green walls or green roofs are very fashionable and for good reason. They are stylish and they are healthy, releasing loads of oxygen into the workplace. To get one up and to maintain it can require a bit of work and planning but done right they look amazing and can have a huge benefit to creativity, mood, and health within the workplace.

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