Bicycle Types: How to Choose a Bicycle That Matches Your Lifestyle

Bicycle That Matches Your Lifestyle

There are many factors to consider when you’re looking for a new bike. Are you picking up cycling as a new way to get a little exercise? Switching over to biking instead of driving your daily commute? Training for a vacation trail ride?

Asking yourself when, where and how often you plan to ride your new bike can help you determine which style of bike is the right fit for your lifestyle. Selecting a city bike, a hybrid bike for women or a beach cruiser will depend on the number and type of miles you’ll be tackling on two wheels.

Bikes for Taking a Short Commute

If you’re planning to trade cycling for driving or taking public transportation on your daily commute, look for a bike that’s comfortable, easy to ride and suited to the terrain where you live. A 3-speed or 7-speed city bicycle can handle flat roads along with moderate hills, making it an ideal choice for many urban environments.

Look for a model with a lightweight frame to be able to maneuver easily through traffic without working up too much of a sweat on the way to the office. Many city bikes offer a comfortable, upright riding position, making it possible to ride a few miles a day to and from your destination without worrying about straining your back or shoulders. Fenders on the front and back wheels will keep road dirt off your work clothes.

Bikes for Heading Out on the Trail

If you’re hoping to tackle some more challenging terrain but want to choose a versatile model, a hybrid bike for women or men keeps your options open. Borrowing elements of mountain bikes, road bikes and cruisers, hybrid bikes offer a mostly upright seating position and a medium-weight frame. Consider a model with more speeds to tackle rides with more varied landscapes, hills and longer distances. Hybrid bikes are a good choice for those who plan to bike for exercise and prefer to have one bike that works in most situations. Models with 21 speeds can take on a variety of road and trail terrain.

Bikes for Cruising Around Town

For those wanting to take a bike out on a leisurely ride around the neighborhood or park, a cruiser bicycle is a beginner-friendly option. Cruisers have a comfortable seat, a step-through frame and wider tires. Those factors add up to a smooth ride that’s best for shorter distances and lower intensity. High-set handlebars put the cruiser rider in an upright position, so you can take in the scenery on a low-key ride by the beach or around a quiet town.

Cruiser bikes are best if you’re planning to ride on relatively flat surfaces over relatively short distances. They get lots of points for style and fashion, coming in bright colors with a retro vibe.

When you’re ready to hop on a bike that matches your lifestyle, rely on a trusted vendor with a reputation for carrying quality cycles. Whether you settle on a beach cruiser, a city bike or a hybrid bike for women, look for a sturdy model that will last for miles and miles.

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