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Five Different Kinds of Alkaline Water

Five Different Kinds of Alkaline Water

There has been a lot of buzz in the health community regarding alkaline water which has proved itself to be beneficial to human bodies. Alkaline water shows its magic when it comes to neutralizing the acid in the bloodstream, making the nutrients able to be absorbed rapidly by the body, and boosting our metabolism.

Generally, alkaline water comes with a higher pH level. As a result, the water does not contain that much acidity like regular water. According to, it has so many health beneficial effects, including increased energy and anti-ageing effects. Different types of filtration processes are used for different types of alkaline water. The most effective alkaline water one should consume to keep up a healthy lifestyle are:

Distilled Alkaline Water

At the point when tap water goes through the refining procedure, it turns out to be somewhat alkaline. When you remove the bacteria, viruses, and other toxins from the body, it will help the water to raise its pH level. Toxins or chemicals tend to turn the water into an acidic component. So, once the water goes through a distillation process, it automatically becomes alkaline and safer than before.

Ionized Alkaline Water

Just like distillation, ionization is another excellent procedure to make the regular water alkaline. Scientists make the water go through positive and negative electrodes in this procedure. When the operation is done, one portion of the water may come out as acidic and another portion as alkaline. And then the ionizer automatically disposes the alkaline water by enhancing the pH level of the water.

Alkaline Additives

You can turn regular water into alkaline water by adding some ingredients which help to raise pH revel in the water. Lemon, baking soda, and pH drops are the main ingredients you need for this process.

Baking soda comes with alkaline properties, and the lemon is an anionic which is also known to raise alkalinity in the water. And, the pH drops are used to increase the pH level in the water. This way, you can make the regular water alkaline by yourself.

Purified Water

Purified water can be found in grocery stores or even at your own home. You only need a filter or a purifier for this type of water. This water comes with the most common pH level of 7.

Standard Alkaline Water

This standard alkaline water is prescribed by most physicians all around the globe. It comes with a 9.5 pH level. It is widely used not only for drinking but also for washing vegetables and fruits to make sure that there are no toxins left in them. Standard alkaline water can expel any hint of pesticides or wax develop in your nourishment.

Water is essential to survive, but along with that, we also have to make sure that the water we are consuming is toxins-free and safe to drink. Alkalinity brings in the best form of water which is really necessary for our bodies to have a boosted immune system and reduced inflammation. Incorporating alkaline water into our daily life will save us from various diseases which can be deadly at times.

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