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Benefits of Using Mini-Cranes in Glazing

Benefits of Using Mini-Cranes in Glazing

Glass is one of the most favorite materials in modern buildings. All types of establishments, be it a residential or commercial, are using glass.

Glass has been in the architectural scene for centuries, and the demand for more massive, larger pieces of glass has increased. For professional glaziers, utilizing a mini-crane for their jobs can reduce some of the problems of installing huge glass panes.

A mini-crane, also known as spider crane, is a smaller type of traditional crane capable of doing lighter lifting works. These little cranes are lightweight and portable, making it a top choice for glazing. However, they are still capable of lifting a few tones despite their size. For instance, a mini-crane that can get through a standard door can even lift 2.9 tonnes.

You can always go for a reliable crane hire to help you with your glazing projects. Below are some of the benefits of using mini-cranes in glazing.


You can save a lot of money on your glazing project if you use a mini-crane. This will help you gain more profit without leaving the work safety behind. Mini-cranes can reduce the needed workforce for the task by 50 per cent. Since mini-cranes can do the lifting job, you will need fewer people to move heavy glasses. With that in mind, it can also lessen the chances of injuries within the workplace, reducing work-related injury claims.

If a mini-crane is enough for the project, hiring one is way cheaper than hiring a large crane. With mini-cranes, you will never need flag personnel and permits to let you occupy the streets, which are necessary if you will use regular cranes. Furthermore, mini-cranes move faster than the bigger ones. It needs less time to transport and set up, allowing you to finish your projects more quickly.


One of the main concerns in glazing is your employees’ safety. Often, large glasses are installed in high places and need a lot of heavy lifting. Any wrong move can wreak havoc to everyone working on it.

Utilising mini-cranes decreases the number of hazards glaziers have to face while working. Carrying a massive sheet of glass causes arm and back injuries. Moreover, working in high areas using scaffolds and ladders increases the risks of fall injuries.

Mini-cranes can use vacuum lifters and glass manipulators, doing all the lifting jobs for the glaziers. Moreover, they can decrease the number of workers needed to install glass; hence, the possibilities of accidents and injuries become lesser. Furthermore, aside from keeping your people safe, it also ensures that the glass will not be damaged during the installation.


One of the main contributors to air pollution is the emissions from the machinery used in construction sites. While most mini-cranes are powered by propane, they can also run on batteries or electric power.

Therefore, mini-cranes can run without emitting carbon, which is good for the environment and the workers around it. Opt for the nearest crane hire to see your options.

Mini-cranes have many benefits to offer. Using it in any project where its capabilities are enough will give you many advantages, such as saving time and money, among many others.

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