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Qualities of a Great Personal Trainer

Great Personal Trainer

Whether it is for the purpose of losing weight or gaining muscle, making it to the gym on a regular basis requires tons of motivation. Add to this, the results can take time to show and it is during these critical times do you need to be hopeful and work harder.

So, it is important to have someone watch over you and keep track of your progression, most likely an expert personal trainer who will guide you in the right direction with these top qualities:

Even though most personal trainers at many gyms in Dubai are thoroughly experienced looking good and promising on paper, they might not be capable of being good communicators, especially listeners.

Do they ask your questions about your eating habits and health? Do they take the time to really hear what you have to say in terms of what type of fitness work plan you’re looking for or do they just brush you over putting their own agenda onto the table?

Allowing you to express personal challenges and issues you are having with your body is a clear sign of a caring trainer who really wants to get you to fit and happy according to schedule.

  • They are Flexible

Personal training always takes its time so it cannot be a one routine process. Know that if your personal trainer expects you to follow through the exact similar routine some other client twice your size is also doing, it can pose a few issues. Your personal trainer may not be paying attention to what your body requires and what works well for you unlike a concerned trainer who will personalise training sessions closely watching your capabilities from the days of the weeks, which exercises you focus on to recommending classes for you and if the need requires, the trainer should have the awareness and adaptability to adjust your workout plan around that too.

  • They are Empathetic

Empathy is one of the most vital traits for every fitness professional. So, a good caring trainer would envision himself in their client’s skin who is struggling to make it through. When they do get into this environment, it helps them get to recognise another person and cultivate a better understanding of how their client seems not just physically healthy but mentally and emotionally as well.

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