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According to an interesting statistic, people upload 500 hours of video every minute on YouTube. Brands and creators are using YouTube as a primary channel to share their video content with their respective audiences.

Today, there is cut-throat competition among brands and creators on YouTube. Even with 2 billion active monthly users, it is not easy to capture the viewer’s attention and make them watch your video. Many creators use a free online video editor to create compelling videos for YouTube.

There are lots of unusual strategies that creators use to boost their viewership. One way of creating videos that stand out from the rest is by using YouTube intros. These are short introductions that creators use at the beginning of their videos to look professional, build recall, and give context to their viewers. You can easily find a free video intro maker to create a perfect intro in minutes.

If you are one of those who use these YouTube intros, you need a background sound for it that not only supports it but makes your viewers stick around for the main content.

Importance Of Intro Music for YouTube Videos

Intro music is an integral part of your YouTube video. It captures the attention of your viewers in those precious 3 to 5 seconds in which they decide if they want to continue watching your content or not.

Different sounds evoke different emotions. That is why tech YouTubers will use a different style of music than a beauty vlogger. Before you jump to decide the best sound for your intro, make sure you understand your audience and their expectations from your content.

A perfect intro with great music can do wonders for the overall growth of your YouTube channel as it sets the audience in the right mood.

How To Pick And Use The Best Intro Sound

Starting your videos in the right manner is essential, as it is the first impression your viewers will have about your content. An irrelevant intro sound can damage your credibility, and you may permanently lose your audience to your competitors.

Read on to know how you can choose the best sound for your intro that will boost your viewership.

Make Sure It Resonates With Your Content

The type of content you share on YouTube also helps in deciding the kind of intro music you should use.

If you share fitness videos, you may choose uplifting music. If you share health and wellness videos, you may go for softer music for your intros. The idea behind this approach is to resonate intro sound with the type of content you are posing on YouTube.

Know Your Audience And Their Expectations

The very first step in picking the best intro sound is to know what type of audience you have on your channel and what their expectations are.

You must be aware of the fundamental factors involved, like their age group, location, and gender ratio. Monitor the engagement metrics on your videos, including the number of likes, dislikes, and comments.

Keep it Short, Crisp, and Up to the Mark

Video Intros are as short as 5 to 10 seconds, so you must pick a track that is of similar length. The first few seconds of your video play an essential role in capturing the attention of your viewers and give them an idea about your main content.

The intro sound should be captivating enough that your viewers not only decide to watch but also share with their friends and family.

Match The Intro Sound With Graphics

The music must match with the graphics or animation effects you use in your intro. If it does not resemble the visual content of your intro, it can look dull and irrelevant. A compelling introduction is a classic mix of sound and visuals that come together to leave your viewers with an urge to watch your video.

Set the Right Volume

You don’t want your viewers to get scared with a loud burst of music. People watch YouTube videos to relax and enjoy, so you must keep the volume to a level that enhances your viewer’s mood.

These are some of the top factors you must consider while picking the best intro sound of your next YouTube video.

Type of YouTube Intro Music

Let us look at the different types of sounds that many established brands and creators are already using in their intro videos.

Soft And Soothing Music

You can use soft music in your intros if you want your viewers to feel relaxed, calm, and at peace. Few examples of content for this type of music are health and wellness, beauty and makeup, and cooking tips.

Epic and Uplifting Music

If you are sharing motivational content in your videos, you can use energetic music in your YouTube intros. Creators that share fitness content can also use such music to uplift their viewer’s mood. Epic and uplifting music is a great tool to use along with your robust content.

Try A Voiceover To Stand Out

It may surprise you, but videos with voiceover intros get a lot of views on YouTube. It is a great way to stand out from the rest of the creators and create an impact on your viewers. Voiceovers introduce you to the viewers, and they get familiar with your voice.

Use Unusual Sound Effects

Many creators use exceptional sound effects in their YouTube intro if they want their viewers to get curious and create an urge in them to watch the complete video. It is a great trick that has boosted the viewership and engagement for many creators.

Where To Find Music For YouTube Intros?

Once you have decided what will fit best, it’s time to search and use them in your intros. Using a piece of copyrighted music can lead to severe problems for you. You don’t want lawsuits to mess your YouTube journey before you have even started.

Instead, you can look for royalty-free music that will not cause you any problems. There are a lot of resources on the web that you can check to find the best royalty-free music that fits your requirements.

Now you know how valuable these intro music tracks are and how you can use them to boost your engagement on YouTube.

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