Be smart: choose sola wood flowers

sola wood flowers

To add an air of romance to your wedding, nothing is quite like bountiful blooming flowers. From simple arrangements to modest bouquets or a lavish floral display at every single part of the wedding, flowers take the lead. Flowers are considered as the ultimate styling element of every wedding.

From the last few years, floral trends are continually evolving. Flowering varieties, flower colors, floral arrangements, and decorative design styles, there is a considerable change that appeared in the wedding flower industry. The use of natural flowers for wedding decoration is traditional. Still, this floriculture has a significant impact on the environment through pollution, water usage, fossil fuel transportation emission, and land degradation.

So the latest and most eco-responsible floral trend is the use of sola wood flowers.

Yes, they are flowers of wood.

Maybe it is a little shocking for you that wooden flowers have made fantastic progress as eco-friendly and bio-degradable blooms. As awareness is increasing, the thirst for getting the best from raw material is rising. Sola wood flowers are unique in every way that anyone could ever imagine. Ranging from their fiber to texture in every dimension, these blooms claim reliability and nature-friendly behavior.

What are wood flowers?

Botanically wood flowers are made of a plant called Aeschynomene Aspera, but commonly known as shoal or sola plant. This plant provides one of the lightest woods. The bark or root of this wood is off white in color that is used to make sola wood flower paper sheets. These sheets are then crafted into sola wood flowers by hand. Another bright feature of these sola wood blooms is their making. Every single blossom is handmade that makes these flowers truly customized like their original identical.

Shaping and dying of sola wood flowers:

By using a steamer or a bit of water, it is possible to shape sola wood flowers. It is also a fun activity to shape a sola sheet into a beautiful flower without any technicalities and lots of tools required. The natural ivory color of wooden flowers is so pure and angelic. Still, there is no restriction to use these flowers in their original color only. Sola wood flowers can be dyed into every natural and unnatural color tone without any difficulty. You can use spray paints, watercolors, latex paints, fabric dye, or acrylic paints to dye sola flowers. Acrylic paints are affordable, available in tons of color options, and easy to find also.

PRO-TIP: you can also try wine to dye sola wood flowers in light shade color.

Sola wood flowers project:

There is a wide range of floral arrangements that you can make with sola wood flowers:

  • Complete wedding decorations from centerpieces, entrance, wedding aisle, wedding arc, bridal bouquet, bridal hairpieces and jewelry, boutonnieres, etc.
  • All sorts of floral arrangements for the home or office décor.
  • Flowers for baby shower
  • Wall hangings
  • Floral wreaths
  • Holiday ornaments

Why sola flowers for every occasion?

People are becoming more conscious about their environment. They believe in being more eco-friendly and try to avoid investing a lot of many for the celebration of a single day. As the choices are becoming smart, sola flowers have started to rule the floral industry in every way because of the following reasons:

  • Biodegradability:

Pollution has become the most significant issue of today’s man. We need to be eco-friendly in every choice we make. Wood flowers rise form nature and go back to it silently. These are biodegradable and cause no pollution or residues like faux flowers or silk blooms. Bury them in soil, and they will again become part of nature.

  • Flowers forever:

These are made of wood that brings durability in these blooms. Wooden flowers are not hard like wood, but you can keep them with you for life long. They only need your little care to survive in the long run. Even sola flowers are easily can be reshaped, so it is also possible to use these blooms again and again for different projects.

  • Stunning qualities:

Many other admirable features of sola wood roses make these blooms first choice of floral designers:

  • Wood flowers need minimal investment, and that is why considered as budget-friendly flowers.
  • Don’t even think underestimate the charm and charisma of sola wood flowers. These are no lesser than actual flowers. Available in every possible color and style, yet you can add aroma, and their appearance makes everyone puzzled about their fake identity.
  • Wooden blooms are pollen-free and scent-free, so they can be used in any scenario without being worried about allergy issues.

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