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Is Amla Good for Diabetes? Read This!

Is Amla Good for Diabetes

If you come from a traditional household, your grandmother surely must have told you the benefits of amla. Let me tell you all those stories are actually true. This magical fruit can do wonders for your health.

Indian Gooseberry or amla is one of the best herbal remedies for chronic conditions including diabetes. It is also known to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The house of antioxidants and nutrients

This nature’s gift has an abundance of nutrients. Did you know a glass of fresh amla juice contains 20 times more Vitamin C than a glass of orange juice! Amla is in fact the richest source of Vitamin C. It is teeming with phenolic compounds like anthocyanins. These compounds impart strong antioxidant properties to amla.

The science behind antioxidants and Diabetic control

Amla is ideally used by health practitioners as a common tonic to lower free radicals. What are free radicals? Every day our body undergoes a number of chemical reactions thereby generating free radicals.

These free radicals tend to harm our bodies via a process called oxidation. This oxidation is one of the reasons why diabetics may see an increase in diabetic symptoms. Now you must be thinking about how amla will help in the scenario.

Amla assists our body at the cellular levels in repairing the cell membranes and nuclear membranes of the cells. It is also capable of looking into any mitochondrial damage. Amla further aids in mending damaged DNA.

In short, the antioxidants supplied by amla plays a vital role in improving cellular longevity and thereby reverses the damaging effects of oxidative stress.

How amla helps in regulating blood sugar levels

Apart from the help provided by the antioxidants, amla has a number of other ways of controlling our blood sugar. After reading this, you will surely understand the benefits of consuming amla.

  • Pancreatic β cells

Amla contains huge amounts of chromium. The presence of this element has a positive effect on the functionality of our pancreas.

  • Weight Check

The lazy lifestyle of the 21st century and our unhealthy eating habits result in an unwanted gain in weight. Our excessive intake of calories is the prime reason behind diabetes.

Controlled body weight is crucial not only for diabetes but also for our overall health. The Amla Indian Gooseberry being a low-calorie food item is ideal for keeping a check on your body weight.

  • Insulin responsive

A gain in body weight also makes our body resistive to insulin. Amla can solve this problem by making our body insulin-responsive. It also assists our body in absorbing insulin thereby reducing blood sugar levels.

  • Prevention of fatty acids

Fatty liver is known to increase cholesterol levels which ultimately leads to diabetes. Amla is known to successfully prevent its onset as it can reduce our body’s cholesterol levels by 82%.

It further regulates the levels of phospholipids, triglycerides, and LDL cholesterol. This does wonder for our body’s overall immune system.

How to use Amla for blood sugar control

Many people may find the bitter-sweet Indian Gooseberry difficult to consume. If you are not sure how you can obtain the benefits of amla, here are a few ways.

  • Eat it raw

One of the best ways of taking in the benefits of this fruit is to eat it raw. Though amla is usually bitter-sweet, it can also be a bit sour at times. Consuming it as it is may leave your mouth dry.

This dryness will make you consume more water which is quite beneficial for your body. It has detoxifying effects and decreases diabetes symptoms.

  • Amla juice

If you are having trouble consuming amla raw, you may use its juice as well. Take 20ml of amla juice on empty stomach in the morning and let amla perform its magic.

  • Amla dishes

We Indians have a hidden talent for creating delicious things out of anything. Take for example our famous ‘Amle ka Murabba’. Amla pickle, amla chutney, and tangy amla dip are other dishes that are not just tasty but are also full of nutrients.

Amla along with raw mango is used to form a bowl of tangy flavored rice which is a very popular South Indian dish.

  • Amla as a supplement

Amla being a seasonal fruit is not available all year round. However, you can still gain its benefits by consuming it in the form of capsules.

Ayurveda believes that blood sugar is best controlled via natural means. Hence, amla is an ideal solution for diabetes.

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