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How Tooth Decay Can Be Cured

How Tooth Decay Can Be Cured

Tooth decay is a condition that destroys the enamel and can come about when you fail to take proper care of your teeth. The enamel is the outer surface of your teeth which covers the crown of your teeth. A stronger enamel is a sign of healthy teeth. Fluoride varnish treatment is one many are opting for to keep their teeth stronger. It has proved to be very useful for such.

Dental checks can also help you understand if your teeth are strong or in good shape. Dentists can examine your teeth and perform procedures such as scaling and polishing. Prophy paste is one product commonly used during such a procedure. Also known as prophylaxis paste, this is a coarse paste that plays an essential role in getting rid of tough stains from your teeth, leaving its surface smooth. This keeps your teeth in good shape.

Tooth decay is a condition that affects people from different age brackets. Children, teenagers and adults are not spared by the condition. It is estimated that over 2 billion of the world’s population suffer from untreated tooth decay. Taking quick measures to prevent and cure the disease reduces its chances of escalating and becoming worse in the future.

Tooth Decay Treatments

Tooth decay is a condition that can be cured, but this largely depends on the stage or extent of the state. If it goes untreated for a long time, the condition can worsen, and you will be forced to undergo oral surgery or tooth extraction. Do not wait to get to that stage. Take swift measures to treat the condition on time. The following are the best tooth decay treatments.

Diet Change

The food you consume can cause tooth decay or even worsen the condition. Starchy and sugar-rich foods have been listed as the biggest contributors to tooth decay among many out there. There are so many bacteria active in your mouth. Some are beneficial for your dental wellbeing, and others cause damage. Certain bacteria produce acid when they come into contact with sugar and digest it. The acid produced is responsible for the demineralization of your teeth. Destructive bacteria found in your mouth include Streptococcus sorbrinus and Streptococcus mutans. They live on sugar from the food you eat, and this is what results in the production of the destructive acid. You should limit starchy or sugary foods in your diet to treat tooth decay.

Oral Care Practices

Observing different oral care practices is also vital in treating tooth decay. Failure to carry out such practices lead to the accumulation of dirt which harbors bacteria on your teeth. One practice you should carry out more often is brushing. Make sure you brush your teeth after every meal or thrice a day. You can do this in the morning, after your lunchtime meal and before going to bed. Use fluoride-containing toothpaste. Flossing is the other oral care practice you should observe to keep your teeth in good shape. It helps in the removal of food remains from the spaces in between your teeth where you can’t reach through routine brushing. This should be done at least twice a week. Rinsing your mouth using proper mouthwash will also keep your teeth in the perfect shape and help treat tooth decay.

Dental Visits

Going for dental checkups and treatments is also vital in managing tooth decay. This is because your teeth will get examined properly by these experts to check the extent of the condition and also get the right treatments. They can also perform other procedures like scaling, which involves the removal of plaque from your teeth. Plaque is the hard, sticky dirt on the surface of your teeth which is usually yellow in appearance. It cannot be removed through regular brushing. Plaque harbors bacteria which is responsible for causing tooth decay. Getting rid of it from your teeth will help you treat decay. Your dentist can also advise on different things you can do for the expeditious treatment of your tooth decay. Visit one in their wonderful dental clinic to treat your condition.

Fluoride Supplements

There are different fluoride supplements you can use that help reverse tooth decay. You can find them in various pharmacies and online outlets. Fluoride helps in strengthening the enamel, which is vital for tooth decay treatment. Using products that contain the mineral regularly will keep your teeth healthy and also reverse your condition. You can also drink water more often, which is an ideal remedy for the state. Water contains certain levels of fluoride. This leaves your teeth stronger and free from decay.

Fluoride Varnish

It is the most popular tooth decay treatment option. Fluoride varnish is a type of gel that contains higher concentrations of fluoride. The treatment is usually administered once in a while because excessive use of fluoride can subject you to several side effects. High level of fluoride in the product is vital for strengthening your teeth and treating or keeping your free from tooth decay. Calcium and phosphate from your saliva link up with fluoride from the product to help restore the condition of your teeth. The other thing fluoride varnish does to improve your condition is inhibiting the formation of bacteria on your teeth. We have seen how bacteria can be dangerous in causing tooth decay or worsening your dental health. Fluoride varnish gets rid of them completely, which is vital for treating tooth decay.

A Guide to Using Fluoride Varnish for Tooth Decay Treatment

Fluoride varnish can help restore your condition quickly. You should use it correctly to get quality results for your treatment. Here is how to go about its use to ensure your teeth are in good shape all the time.

Visit a Dentist

Having the fluoride varnish application procedure carried out by a dentist or dental hygienist is the best option. This is because they have the required expertise to carry out the treatment. One thing a dentist will do is to examine the state of your teeth before choosing the right fluoride varnish concentration for your treatment. They will look at the extent of your tooth decay before identifying what strength is best for you. Dentists have what it takes to apply the product to your teeth in the best way possible. You should visit one if you want the best result for your tooth decay treatment.

Use Quality Products

This applies to those who opt for self-application of the product. If you are going to administer the procedure by yourself, then it is right you use a product that is of the right quality. There are so many fluoride varnish products you will find in the market. Quality may vary from one type to another. Products that are not of the desired standards will not help in restoring your condition. Take your time to identify the best. You can do your research by going through various online platforms that will help you understand some of the best products you there. Consulting a dentist can also help you identify which is the best.

Safe Application

Fluoride in this varnish is an excellent mineral that helps in strengthening the teeth. However, it can subject you to several side effects if you don’t observe different safety procedures when using it. You should avoid applying the product to your teeth when you have wounds or bleeding gums. This is because it can find its way into your body and subject you to different side effects. You are at high risk of suffering from cardiovascular illnesses once fluoride enters your system. It is also important to follow the pre and post-application requirements of fluoride varnish to avoid subjecting your teeth to several after-effects that come with using the product. This will guarantee you a fast and effective tooth decay treatment.

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