How to Get Started with Your Amazon PPC Campaign

How to Get Started with Your Amazon PPC Campaign

There are thousands of sellers on Amazon. It’s a massive platform that allows small business owners to sell their products. The problem is that standing out would be challenging, especially if other companies also sell the same products. The goal is to rank higher when users type certain keywords on Amazon. The most relevant products should appear on the first page. If the business successfully optimizes the relevant keywords, the product listing will appear. The organic process of optimizing the keywords is time-consuming. Despite the efforts, it’s possible for the business to still be behind the competition. Hence, having an Amazon PPC strategy would be necessary.

This campaign is useful since people who search for products on Amazon will most likely purchase the items that appear on the first page. Even if the product listing that appears on the top is a paid content, those users will still consider it. The rewards are great when the company uses this strategy correctly.

Setting up the Amazon PPC campaign

The first step in setting up the PPC campaign is to sign to the seller central account. On the homepage, click on the advertising. From the advertising menu, choose the campaign manager. On this tab, the seller can set up the campaign budget and duration.

In naming the campaign, there can be multiple ad groups, so it’s crucial to choose a brother company name. Within the same campaign, there can be multiple ad groups with different keywords. Setting up the campaign would only take a few minutes. There are a few forms to answer, but the requirements are easy.

Set a daily budget

Since the strategy requires the business to pay, setting a budget is necessary. For instance, a daily budget of $25 might seem small, but you can add up quickly. In two weeks, the business will spend about $350. The point is that it’s important to determine the monthly budget first before breaking it down into the daily budget.

Choose the beginning and end dates

Amazon offers an option to leave the end date open. It means that for as long as the seller wants, the advertisement will stay. The problem is that it can keep burning on the budget set for advertising. The key is to choose a month first so that the company can determine if the strategy is good enough. Within the first month, there will be sufficient data to analyze. If the campaign worked for the first month, the company could decide to pursue the same strategy or bid on a different keyword.

Find the right keywords

Bidding on the most suitable keywords is at the heart of the PPC campaign. It’s crucial to choose keywords that people will most likely use in searching for the products. The good thing is that Amazon will offer suggestions based on the data provided by the company. Sellers can choose to follow the recommendation or look at other possible keywords. It’s tricky because some of these keywords are more expensive. They might be costly, but they are also high-impact. It means that more people will have a chance of buying the products after searching for these keywords. Conversely, some keywords are cheaper, but they might not be too popular. If the return of an investment will take time, building on those keywords might not be a practical option. Hence, it makes sense to use the right tools in bidding for the best keywords. Asking for help from experts in Amazon PPC campaigns would also be great.

The campaign will commence

After setting up the PPC campaign, it will be active in a few minutes. The product listing will appear when searched. The good thing about this strategy is that the business will only pay if the potential customers click on the link. If they do, they are most probably going to buy these products. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even consider opening the links. Even if the company needs to pay for these paid advertisements, it would be worth the price. Once it leads to an increase in potential customers, the investment becomes cost-efficient.

It’s only the beginning

Of course, signing up for the pay per click campaign is only the beginning. This strategy is also one of the many online marketing strategies to employ for the business to be more visible online. It’s important to track the success of the marketing campaign. The company can choose to pursue this strategy if it works. If not, it might be time to consider bidding on a different keyword.

Product improvement is also necessary

While the pay per click campaign is useful in boosting online presence, it’s not enough to convince people to buy and become part of the loyal base. For these customers to spend money, they should feel that the products are worth it. Once they realized that the products are good enough, they might decide to purchase the products again. Some of them might even leave positive reviews. Everything depends on product quality. Therefore, the business needs to invest in product improvement. There’s no point in marketing these products if they are not of top quality. Even those who already purchased the items before might decide against buying again in the future. Also, words about products on the platform will spread easily. When the reputation is already on the line, it would be challenging to recover.

Asking for help to excel in Amazon PPC campaign

Again, several sellers aim to be on the top spot in the ranking. Since it takes too much time, using the pay per click strategy might be helpful. It’s even better if experts in the Amazon PPC campaign will be there to help. They already understand the process, and they can provide strategies that will turn the business into an immediate success. Some of these agencies also offer free trials. If uncertain or unsatisfied about the services received, it’s easy to look for a different option. The good thing is that there are agencies that partnered with established brands in the past. Their services are most likely going to be worth the price.

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