How Software Can Help You Improve Outbound Calls

Improve Outbound Calls

Digital transformation has revolutionized the way businesses operate. Every day, new technologies are being developed to simplify complex tasks, enabling people to focus their attention on important activities. Call centers are among the key business functions that benefit from the application of technology to improve efficiency and processes because they’re quite face-paced.

Agents in these centers rarely have time to search for phone numbers, dial each number manually or read about every lead a business gets. Call centers handle both inbound and outbound calls, but the latter tend to be more challenging to handle as agents encounter frustrated, and sometimes confused or irate customers. These challenges, coupled with stringent work schedules and high targets, can take a toll on call center agents. This is where an outbound call center software comes in handy to boost call efficiency.

What Is An Outbound Call Center?

Outbound call centers enable businesses to call prospects or customers. Agents who work in these call centers make these calls for different reasons, including providing customer support, conducting surveys, following up on sales, or even fundraising. Unlike inbound call centers that are entirely focused on receiving calls, outbound call centers are focused on making calls. With the advent of technology, outbound call centers are powered by cloud-based software that enable businesses to engage with their customers actively at all times. The software comes with features that enable call center agents to improve their performance and consequently boost customer satisfaction.

Below are the various ways call center software can help you improve outbound calls:

1. Handles Repetitive Tasks

Normally, call center agents are required to undertake a wide range of tedious tasks several times a day. Most of these tasks are not just time consuming—they’re also repetitive by nature. Such tasks include inputting customer data, sending emails, locating customer information, switching applications, and following leads up. Fortunately, outbound call center software help agents dial phone numbers automatically.

When call center agents don’t have predictive dialers, they’re forced to dial numbers, schedule call-backs, and leave voicemails manually. Outbound call center software, on the other hand, can create automatic call-back reminders for unanswered calls and pause call queues to enable agents to take notes accurately before moving on. By eliminating repetitive tasks, outbound call center software allow agents to spend their most valuable time handling active calls.

2. Automates The Dialing Process

The traditional way of making outbound calls involve giving call center agents a spreadsheet with a phone number to call and a script to use during the call. Telemarketers and call center agents had to pick the phone up and dial each phone number manually. More often than not, majority of these calls would either get disconnected or land in an answering machine. This was not just frustrating and demotivating for call center staff; it also wasted their time.

Call center software like Call Cowboy are changing this. By leveraging automated dialing technology, modern call centers have the ability to dial phone numbers quietly then pass connected calls on to sales or call center agents. This saves the agents plenty of time and improves their productivity significantly. But this is not all: call center software provides businesses with valuable statistics and analysis to power their outbound campaigns.

For instance, call center and sales managers can analyze the statistics for important metrics such as connection rates based on device type, geographic areas, and the best times to call. With this information, companies can optimize their outbound call configurations for best results. Most importantly, the software can help call center and sales managers review the number of redials an auto dialer makes for each phone number. With this data, they can optimize redial attempts and even determine the best time to end outbound call campaigns once the redials are no longer viable.

3. Boosts Call Center Agent Efficiency

With the demands that go with a call center agent job, agents are likely to get tired and become demotivated as a result of dialing individual numbers manually, thus failing to reach their targets successfully. The software that powers predictive dialers plays an important role in boosting the efficiency and productivity of call center agents. Using this software, call center agents get a steady flow of connected outbound calls and experience little to no downtime.

This is because predictive dialer software is able to use dialer algorithms to determine when call center agents will be free to attend to calls. With outbound calls, the software dials numbers from the lead list in a way that reduces agents’ efforts automatically. By connecting calls fast and directing them to the right agent, the predictive dialing software enables businesses to reduce an agent’s idle time and maximize the hourly talk time that every call center agent has on the job.

4. Make More Calls With Less Effort

For call center agents or sales professionals, time is crucial. These teams are always striving to get more done with the hours they have. The power dialer feature that comes with a call center software enables them to make more calls without exerting so much effort. The software is able to compile a list of phone numbers and dial each one of them automatically in succession. This saves businesses time as it eliminates the manual labor that would otherwise be required to dial those numbers in the absence of the software.

5. Automates Outbound Calling Campaigns

If you want to run an outbound calling campaign, a call center software can improve the calls by automating them. The software does this in several ways. First, it creates an automatic phone list and dials phone numbers automatically. This saves call agents or sales reps the time they would have spent compiling phone numbers to call and dialing them manually.

Where calls go unanswered, the software can create automatic call-back reminders. This enables call center agents and sales reps to reach out to their targets later when they’re available. Aside from automating outbound campaigns, call center software helps telemarketers and call center agents to determine the best time to call prospects or customers through the use of historical data.

6. Personalizes Phone Interactions

Another way call center software can improve outbound calls is by enabling call center agents to personalize their interactions with customers. The software does this by providing agents with valuable customer information so they can have informed conversations with customers. Using the preview dialer feature, telemarketers and call center agents are able to display customer information on their screens prior to getting on call with prospects or customers. This allows agents to have time to acquaint themselves with the customer and even personalize their sales pitch to suit the customer. Businesses can benefit more by using an Auto Dialer App to engage with high-value leads or customers.

7. Integrates With Customer Relationship Management Systems

Most call center software are designed to integrate with leading customer support systems and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. Businesses use CRM to store valuable information about leads. This information comes in handy in building customer relationships. By integrating with CRM systems, an outbound call software allows call agents to access this information by displaying it on their screens prior to getting on call with their targets. This detailed information about prospects or customers provides call center agents with the secret weapon they need to offer leads superior customer service, show more empathy, and resolve their issues faster. This enables them to personalize their outbound interactions with leads based on the information they have about customers.

8.Manages Multiple Outbound Call Campaigns

The other way that call center software improves outbound calls is by enabling telemarketers and call agents to run multiple campaigns. The software does this by allowing users to run multiple dialing processes simultaneously. Call center agents can optimize dialers by creating, modifying, and even deleting call campaigns with just one click. With the software, outbound call center agents don’t have to spend time selecting campaigns that they want to work on manually. Instead, the software directs the agents to specific campaigns automatically. This not only improves the productivity of call center staff, but it also enhances the campaign’s success and reduces chances of committing errors significantly.

9. Tracks Call Center Performance

Call center software makes it easy for businesses to keep tabs on the performance of outbound calls by providing real-time data on key performance indicators. For instance, a software provides managers with data such as call volumes, connect rates, and a summary of outbound campaign data. The software also generates agent performance reports on dashboards. With this information, call center and sales managers are able to make informed decisions on campaign management and resource allocation. They also stay in control of call center as well as outbound call operations.

Beyond this, call center software enables managers to utilize available resources more prudently. For instance, using lead level filters, managers can eliminate the creation of multiple repetitive campaigns by prioritizing customer data and forecasting operational changes through the use of live data metrics such as volume of calls in queue, active calls, agents on call, and occupancy rate, among others.

10. Monitors Call Center Quality

Monitoring call center data and sorting it out can be a tedious, time-consuming task. However, for businesses that use predictive dialers, a software makes it easy to monitor call center quality by recording customer data automatically. They do this by saving call center data automatically, which can be reviewed with ease after the call. This feature enables outbound call centers to analyze their campaigns, get a better understanding of their customers, and review their strategies. By boosting call data quality, call center software helps businesses stay ahead of the competition and give customers the best service experience possible.

11. Facilitates Call Whispering

Call center and sales managers are always looking for ways to coach their staff by guiding them as they talk to customers or prospects without customers hearing them. Since conversations often happen on the phone, the best way to coach call center agents on the job is through the use of digital applications. Call center software come with a feature known as call whisper that allows managers to send call agents hints and tips at strategic points of outbound calls.

Call whispering is invaluable for sales and call center teams because it enables managers or other experienced staff to train call center agents or sales reps. It also serves as a useful tool for coaching staff who are struggling to improve their performance. Through call whispering, businesses can impress new leads and high-value customers with positive experiences while helping call center agents solve tough problems or handle situations that they find stressful in real-time.

Prior to the development of call software, companies relied on support scripts to coach sales and call center agents. One of the major challenges of using scripts is that there’s no way of knowing what a prospect or customer is going to say. As such, it’s not possible to provide call center agents with scripts that cover every situation. Call center software offers a better solution by providing real-time support to sales or support teams. This boosts their confidence in handling calls knowing that they’ll be able to get instant help or advice whenever they need it.

The Bottom Line

Even with numerous communication channels emerging in the modern business world, outbound calls still remain relevant and important for businesses. Also known as cold calls, outbound calls are invaluable to businesses because they don’t just provide an avenue for boosting brand awareness, but they also enable businesses to gather valuable insights from their target audiences.

Traditionally, call center agents and sales reps have to dial each phone number on their leads list manually when making outbound calls. This not only takes a toll on call center staff, but it’s also time-consuming. Call center software solves this problem by automating the calling process and enhancing call center staff productivity. If you’re looking to improve outbound calls, a call center software will enable you do so in so many ways as discussed above.

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