Exciting Career Pathways You Didn’t Think About!

Exciting Career Pathways

“What do you wish to become when you grow up?” asks a teacher in a classroom full of youthful faces. “A doctor!” “A teacher!” “Fireman!” “Policeman!” “Join the air force!” “Pilot!”. These, in most cases, are the answers to that one question youngsters are asked on what they want to become.

However, as we go through various colorful phases of life, our feelings change, in better words, molded to our interests. From elementary, middle then high school and finally college, we discover the stages of our career choices, shallow to deep.

When students get the advantage of obtaining career counseling, they are able to choose careers better suited to them. Instead of picking trending careers and trying a bad-angled shot at them, students can utilize their time in suitable careers.

Most of the time, the fields we choose have more doors than we peek in. We only open one or two doors and think that’s it, this is the scope of this field. But that’s usually not the case. In several widely preferred fields like MBBS and Dentistry, Engineering and Scientist, there are plenty of doors that are seldom opened. The majority overlooks these doors; nevertheless, they are still wonderful fields that have not yet reached their heights.

This way, people who are riskers discover these hidden areas while the rest follow the trend, the safe escape. Unfortunately, when riskers choose these careers, they are met with ruthless questioning, “What’s that? How do you spell its name?”. “But why choose a career that has no scope?”, “I’ve never in my sixty years have heard of this field!”. These questions can get depressing, but no worries, the fields have a promising future!

There are countless fields that you can search or ask your mentors to guide you to the correct door. Conduct thorough research in the domain that sparks your interest. Searches like how to become an intelligence officer or a security architect can unlock the doors to the worlds you have never imagined about. You will be astonished to unearth these careers with six-digit salaries!

Here we have summarized some least sought-after but propitious careers.

1. Fiesta Organizer

Are you great at mingling with people? Are you always organizing successful meetups with your mates? Or maybe you’re a music enthusiast and love volunteering at concerts’ management? This is just the job for you! Unleash your creativity in organizing the best fiesta of the season and building a strong coterie along the way. Organizing events can lead you to a long trail of success. Large organizations will contact you to plan their activities and success will run after you. You can become the most exclusive event planner of the decade. After all, the event is only a massive hit if the organization is on point.

2. Intelligence Officer

An Intelligence Officer offers superior intelligence to sustain the verdicts made by the military agencies, civilian leaders, and private industry. This career has a vast scope and looks after various domains and the underlying threats in those domains. From national safety to geopolitical risk evaluation to cyber threat assessment, threats to private-public health sector, and infrastructure, it includes all. The Intelligence Officer covers all of these areas. But this is just the beginning; this career is demanded in the government for the welfare of the country. The paths in this field are extensive. Central unit of investigation, central intelligence agency, national security offices of analysis and intelligence, department of defense are included. These are some illustrations of what a flourishing field this is. The interest not only remains to the hardships of the job, imagine yourself, working undercover without anyone knowing? Ah! This gives the feeling of a superhero.

3. Food Artist

If you’re someone who can’t keep their hands away from the lens and plate, then this job is for you! Foodies who love decorating their plates and capturing aesthetic shots are bound to shine in this area. It may sound like an odd job, but it’s more common than you think, just take a look around. It is everywhere, on the menus, on advertisements, making the chef’s gourmet dish look exotic, recipe books and so on. If you can play with the camera and make gourmet dishes to burgers look ridiculously beautiful, you’re all set! To polish your skills for extra shine, there are countless courses available to make your snaps look spot-on! A food artist knows what camera tricks will pull customers towards a restaurant, hence resulting in a great job.

4. Siesta Therapist

Siesta is a Spanish word for a nap and who doesn’t love napping? Napping in a cloud of cozy pillows and blanket? I know we all do. Sleep therapy is an actual job! Perfect for us sleep enthusiasts. With an increase in insomnia and different sleep-related issues, this is an exceptionally prospering career option. Thousands of us go about our day sleep deprived, surviving on sleep less than 6 hours. This can result in fatal accidents, health issues, a decline in productiveness, and ultimately death. To overcome these issues, sleep therapists research all about how to get a good night’s rest. This way, everyone with sleep problems will be able to live a little longer in a healthier way.

5. Hackers

Hackers are innocent beings who are widely feared by everyone. Whether they are companies, government agencies, or private businesses, all in some way face the cruel game of hackers. Internet is not a secure place, to safeguard the private information of firms, ethical hackers are the heroes! Ethical hackers try to break into websites to confirm their security; that’s why the government has heaps of these guys. To protect a company’s or a bank’s data, these hackers are working tirelessly to ensure that the information is secure. When you will rub your hands in front of a computer screen, crack your bones and start crawling your fingers on the keyboard, the magic you can do will be jaw-dropping.


These were a couple of lesser known career doorways we opened for you. There’s no doubt that the paths are abundant, you just have to dig a little deeper. Careers are the shapers of your future and should always be chosen according to your interest. Instead of selecting out of peer-pressure or popularity, careers are more fruitful when they are something you are skilled at. These careers not only add sparkles to your skills but also give you an excellent livelihood.

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