6 Things to Remember While Relocating Your Vehicle

While Relocating Your Vehicle

Buying a vehicle is a one time process but complying with regulatory norms is a periodic one. In a diverse country like India, the regulations for such vehicle registrations are more or less similar but slightly differ according to the state laws. One needs to keep in mind these things and accordingly remember while relocating among the different states.

Let’s look at a few points important point involving documents such as the NOC & car insurance that you need to keep in mind when you are relocating your vehicle from one place to another:

1. Duration of Stay

If you are relocating to another state for less than a year, and you are planning to come back within that time frame to the state where the vehicle has been registered, then you do not have to undergo any vehicle procedure. But if you are relocating permanently, or moving for more than one year, then you require a no-objection certificate or NOC from the RTO where your vehicle was originally registered. Then you can apply for new registration in the RTO of the state where you are moving it.

2. NOC from RTO

When you want to re-register your vehicle in another state while moving, you need a set of documents to be able to do the same. Here are the documents necessary for you to have while re-registration of your vehicle:

  • Prescribed forms from the RTO
  • An insurance policy of the vehicle
  • Registration certificate of the vehicle
  • Valid PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate of the vehicle

Remember to furnish the appropriate details at the time of your car insurance renewal too.

3. NOC from Traffic Police

Procure a NOC from the traffic authorities. This measure is to ensure that there are no pending charges or challans that are due for your vehicle from your side. When making a move from one RTO to another, you have to make sure that all your dues are settled and clear.

4. NOC from Police Authority

A NOC from your local police station needs to be obtained for you to be able to relocate your vehicle. This is to make sure that there are no open cases involving the vehicle that has been registered. It is more like a security measure to keep a check on illegal activities.

5. Re-registration

Once you have procured all your no-objection certificates from all the required sources, you can then apply for a fresh registration at the new RTO. At this time, you can get your motor insurance online too. For instance, if you are moving from Mumbai to Delhi, you will have to get all the NOCs from the RTO in Mumbai, then register your vehicle in the new RTO in Delhi. You will then have to follow all the registration procedures as per the guidelines in the Delhi RTO.

6. NOC Cancellation

If there is a case in which you have obtained all the NOCs, but there is a sudden change of plans about your relocation, then you have to get them canceled. However, since the relocation procedure was already initiated, this time you will have to obtain a new document called Non-Utilization Certificate or NUC from the RTO of the city where you were about to move to. Continuing the same example as above, in this case, you will have to obtain the Non-Utilization Certificate from the Delhi RTO.

These are the things you need to keep in mind when relocating your vehicle within India. This includes the required insurance process too, which can be simplified by just addressing all necessary steps for your motor insurance online. Different state governments might have differing rules, and these are the basic pointers that you need to remember. For further rules, you will have to follow the guidelines from your state Regional Transport Office.

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