What makes call center outsourcing in India the best choice?

call center outsourcing

From the past few decades there has been a noticeable increase of need for outsourcing call center services. India is home to thousands of small and large call center outsourcing companies out of which there are a few leading companies renowned for call center outsourcing in India.

According to a research study by Deloitte’s on the subject of “Global Outsourcing and Insourcing”, economy has been the major factor for this trend. As outsourcing companies offer marketing services at an incredibly affordable cost, businesses are now able to focus on their core operations instead of worrying about allocation of resources to in-house call center services. The report shows that an incredible 84% of respondents have positive hope from outsourcing call center in India.

What are the benefits of outsourcing the call center in India?

Research studies have pointed out to the following points which prove beneficial to businesses when they decide to do call center outsourcing:

1-Helping with demand for increased customer support

Recently, customers have begun demanding 24/7 support from companies. The customers today expect customer support service to be available at anytime, anywhere and through various media. Businesses can choose to set up their own call center department however the cost and time required to do so is simply not feasible for every enterprise.

On the other hand, outsource calling centers in India helps to deliver customer support services efficiently and with complete satisfaction without incurring excess expense. Hiring a professional call center service provider ensures prompt and effective customer support services as is the demand in the industry today.

2 –Handling optimum volume of customer queries

A report by ISG on “Peak time for contact center outsourcing” shows that businesses find it difficult to handle the flow of large-volume customer queries. This leads to unsatisfied customer support and can lead to losing the existing customer base too.

By choosing to outsource their customer support department businesses can address this problem successfully. Call centers provide a high standard of services and this helps the business owners to concentrate on their operations rather than lose effort and resources on in-house customer support services.

3–Reducing cost potential

As businesses grow across geographical locations and the customer base increases in size, there is a growing need for professional call center in India. If businesses choose to establish in-house customer support department then they have to consider the high cost of internal operation which may result in the loss of productivity in other areas of their business.

Various reports have shown that those businesses that choose to outsource their call center services to professionals in India save as much as 50% on operating costs. Apart from saving money, call center outsourcing in India is also a remarkable strategic move for businesses in today’s intensely competitive environment.

4 – Providing expert industrial knowledge

Outsource call centers have deep knowledge of providing customer support services in numerous industrial niches. Intense training and past experience helps these call center employees to become experts in product information. In addition, the experience also gives them a valuable insight into the intricate strategies required for effective customer support services.

5 – Improves cost management

Many times, in-house call center services receive low volume of calls. This makes it overall expensive to operate the in-house customer service department for enterprises. However, when businesses outsource call center requirements to professional service providers, they can do so with flexible payment and affordable pricing.

Usually, call center outsourcing in India works on the CPT (Cost Per Transaction) model which dictates payment for only the calls that are attended. This is an excellent way to measure per-call costs too.

6–Giving access through multiple platforms

Indian outsourcing call centers are not restricted to phone calls. Today, there are multimedia support systems that can cover all commonly used media, including email, IVR, web chat, social media, touchstone, smartphone verification, SMS, video chat, etc. This encompassing technique has helped numerous industries and businesses to choose outsourcing their customer support department.

Expert Callers are truly experts in outsource calling centers in India and have assisted hundreds of businesses from various niches to achieve optimal lead-to-sales conversion successfully.

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