How Christian Book Translation Services Can Improve Your Business


Technology has vastly improved over the last decade and because of this, businesses have been able to expand globally with relative ease. Prior to the internet, business expansion required many flights to other countries, tailored advertising that had to be translated, leaders in the area and so much more. While these things are still necessary, connecting with people online has made the need for travel to be somewhat lessened and the growing availability of translation companies makes creating new materials much easier.

With new products or just expanding markets, knowing how to package materials and change product wording, advertising, instructions, and other product information can be overwhelming. If customers have questions or concerns, it is also best to be able to communicate with them in their native languages. These tasks may be overwhelming at first, but with the right resources, they are completely doable and can grow your business rapidly.

The best way to grow a business in other cultures and languages is to hire book translation services to do the actual translating. This is a cost effective way of having materials translated is much cheaper than hiring multiple translators to stay on staff full time, yet gets the translation done in a timely manner. If you are considering hiring translators, try Christian translators. While this may seem like an odd choice, there are reasons that Christian translators are a great option.

The first reason is that Christian translation works. Christian translators have helped produce study materials, Bibles, and selections from religious texts and speakers with accuracy for years. These translations are in multiple languages and dialects. This relates to the business world because Christian translation companies are connected to multiple translators in numerous available languages. Companies like Christian Lingua have translators connected around the world who are available to translate written, digital, and audio materials in a timely manner. This means that a materials can be translated into many languages simultaneously.

Christian translators are used to working with multiple languages and are well trained to maintain meaning and context in the new language. This is important when maintaining product continuity, yet adapting to the new language and culture in the area of expansion. If you are still not convinced that Christian translation works, check out the five ways book translation services can improve your business.

Larger Sales

Just as readers all over the world can download books on their phones or computers, they can read about new products, watch commercials, and see product placement ads. These are most effective when viewed in a native language for the consumer. While some websites will automatically translate into a chosen language, the translation is never well done because it is word for word and does not take word order or grammar into account. This can be a turnoff for consumers. With translation services, publishing your site, product information, and even directions for use internationally is possible and can reach wider audiences. This allows them to read in their native language and will lead to an increase in sales. This will lead to an increase in revenue as well.

Less Competition

There is often less competition for popular niche products in different languages. If your product or information is well crafted and brings a mixture of elements to the table, it can stand out from the crowd of related products. The product should serve a function or fill a need for those in the new market because quality products will rocket your products to the top in the market. If your product is unique and you are willing to break into new markets, there will be less competition.

Reaching More People

The use of translation services allows your product to be put in front of millions of people, in their native language, to increase brand awareness and reputation. Using social media, fans can help launch your products in new markets because they will be able to about the product in their native language. When you use a translation service, this will include catch phrases, hashtags, and posts in addition to product information and advertising.

When you refuse to translate product information and materials, thus limiting yourself to a single language, it also limits audience. It is rare for people to choose a product that has not been made available in their native language. In contrast, when the work is done to translate information and ads about the product, then the number of people that can be reached is increased substantially.


Ranking on search engines is important in reaching audiences. To increase your ranking on search engines used predominantly in other countries, proper translation is necessary. By translating a webpage with a professional translator, targeting key words for ranking, your statistics will improve. When there is less competition in the target language, your rankings will naturally increase. Optimizing content for keywords, acquiring links to your specific site, and choosing words that are appropriate and accurate will help move you to the first ranking on a variety of search engines. The more people that see your site, the more purchases are likely.


Products that are multilingual generate more engagement and help expand your product base. Products translated into numerous languages can easily reach millions because people connect more readily to something in a native language. Then it is up to you to provide continuity of product quality. Simply start with translation in the markets that will most likely respond to your product and then expand as possible.

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