Your Guide to All the Rabbit Alternatives in August 2023

Rabbit Alternatives

Rabbit used to be a mobile application as well as a website that was used to stream or watch videos or content. The website enabled multiple users to watch the content together in real-time while being at different places. The rabbit site was launched in 2014 and based in America. Rabbit provided users with an experience as if they were sitting at the same place watching the same thing but in the comfort of their places. A host would make a party and add people to it to watch the content with him or her. At first, it made use of a virtual computer called rabbit cast, but later it was developed as an extension for google chrome, and people could access it directly from the chrome application. Rabbit website‘s primary purpose was to provide ease of access to people who couldn’t meet each other or were far away but still wanted to have some time watching the content of their desire.

Is rabbit safe?

Similar to many other services that provide a watch party feature, rabbit app also aimed at that. But the primary concern of every person who uses sites like rabbit and other watch party apps or websites is security. People are concerned if the website will take their information or take their pictures when enabling video cameras to leak their personal information that is secret and among them only. Rabbit did use to ask to enable some essential things and share some personal information like contact details and bank details to enable streaming; therefore, people would be worried that they might get scammed. People using rabbit had a satisfactory experience as they were never scammed and resultantly, it drew over 3.5 million users in just a few months.

What happened to rabbit?

Now, the main question was, why did rabbit shut down. As quickly as rabbit gained popularity, it soon started having problems because many other platforms were also introduced, which did what rabbit did and even more at a better and more reliable pace. Rabbit was a user-dependent website, and when the users started to decrease the earning lessened and the department from where rabbit got its funding stopped funding it, making it bankrupt and rabbit shut down. The owner of rabbit was forced to fire all the employees as rabbit isn’t working anymore, therefore could not pay the people working in it. So, in 2019 the website finally turned off its servers, and finally, rabbit not working was displayed on the screens of people trying to access it. But keeping in view the popularity of such services another streaming service named Kast bought all the rights to rabbit and is now functioning altogether under the name of Kast. But it could not overtake or equal the popularity and functionality of rabbit.

Alternatives to rabbit

After it’s shutting down, many website like rabbit were introduced, or many others that were already present started to gain popularity. The websites similar to rabbit included Netflix party, watch2gether, meta stream, two-seven. Airtime, sync play, etc. were introduced. Rabbit streaming alternatives are still being widely used especially Netflix party. These and other sites like rabbit gained popularity because they did what rabbit did and had a similar interface and in some cases, even had extra functionalities as well. People are using alternatives for rabbit a lot for holding business meetings, watch parties and chatting purposes, etc. The following are the details of some popular streaming websites like rabbit that are being widely used by the people.

Netflix party

Netflix party can be used by adding it as an extension to the chrome browser. It is also an alternative to the rabbit site. It uses the chrome extension to add people using a party feature. It is like rabbit, but the functional possibilities through rabbit are minimal as compared to rabbit because as the name indicates it only streams Netflix other popular websites like YouTube and is not supported by the Netflix party. But watching Netflix with friends is immensely comfortable through it. It also supports features like party chat where you can chat and even send GIPHs to your friends and families. This platform has more than 500,000 users, and people are quite satisfied with it except for its limitation that it only has support for Netflix. But, still, it seems to be a reliable and good option that can be used in place of rabbit.


The other site that has been popular among people since the closure of rabbit is watch2gether which mostly does the same job as rabbit used to do. It has enormous possibilities; you can even do the shopping and with it along with watching movies and TV shows with your kith and kin. It also adds a plus point that you can even stream and listen to music in real-time. Like other replacements for rabbit, this app also has the party chat feature enabled in which you can have discussions with your people using many languages, GIPHs and emoji’s to make your experience more amazing. It has its downsides, for example, voice messages and video calling features are not present; also, it lacks the support of many popular streaming services.


Another replacement for rabbit is Twoseven. It provides one of the most immersive watching experiences that the audience can ask for and is one of the perfect alternatives for rabbit; it has a lot of pros, including its zero lag feature. The zero-lag feature means that it has zero latency the people who are watching with you will be precisely on the same page as you are and there’s no delay whatsoever. It enables video calls for more immersion as well. It has support for all major streaming platforms, which include Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video, and many others. It is effortless to use as it can be downloaded as an extension for the google chrome browser, you just enable it and share the streaming website by using chrome. The main lacking here is the support of audio chat. You can only use video chats and type for interaction with people as there’s no option for audio messages which can be a worry for some people.


Metastream is another famous site that is similar to rabbit. It is known to be the best website for people that prefer zero latency in their streaming experience, as the streaming experience is near perfect. It has an excellent live sync feature. There are also many other plus points involved in this site. The on-screen chat option makes it easy for chatting while streaming content; it also provides excellent user management and is very easy and immersive to use. Again, it is perfect in forms that have support for almost all of the major streaming platforms and websites. The downside to metastream is its limitation in chat features; it does not provide enough chat so that it can be recommended for everyone. Yes, it does have an excellent chat box option where you can type and chat with your family or friends. However, it lacks both audio and video chats which is a huge setback because it can’t be used if an audio chat is required.


Another site or application that acts as a rabbit substitute is SyncLounge. This application is not a direct substitute for rabbit as its functionality is pretty limited as compared to rabbit, which gave you tons of options. It is directed mainly to Plex users. Plex is an application that is used to store videos and pictures on your computer. It does have a significant advantage as it shows zero lag on the Plex files and produces a crisp and clear streaming experience while chatting with your people. But the chat support is limited as there’s no support for video and audio chatting.


Syncplay is another rabbit alternative. The downside of this application is again its limitations, for one, it only allows the streaming and watch-parties of already downloaded content. It can’t stream online content and does not have any group chat feature. It is available to download and can be used by all three major platforms of Windows, MAC, and Linux.


The next rabbit alternative is known as Airtime. It is the best application for mobiles and replicates all the features that made rabbit famous. Airtime lets you add up to 10 people at once for watch-parties and has the best group chatting experience. It provides you with live stickers, GIPHs, and many other fresh and exciting chat options. It also provides audio playback and media playback at the same time so you can have live commentary with your streaming. There are even more options like you can send videos, photos, and messages even when streaming. It is almost an exact feature-rich app like rabbit was for PC, it can be called as rabbit app for mobiles and is supports by both of the two major mobile software’s these days that including android and IOS. However, it seems to be pace behind IOS in android and is a bit slow sometimes.


tutturu.tv is another app that can be used as an alternative to rabbit but is pretty limited in its functionality; therefore, it cannot be termed as an exact alternative to rabbit. Yes, it does provide an excellent lag-free live sync feature and streaming experience, but it is limited to YouTube only. You can’t watch any other streaming service except YouTube, which is pretty good quality on tutturu.tv and it is quite easy to use. Also, it does not have any support for audio and video chats.


Another popular option for rabbit alternative is Kosmi. It is available for all platforms like mobile, computers, etc. It is known for its ease of access as you don’t need to create an account or any complicated setup to get it working, you just need to create a party and add your friends or family to it. It has extensive support for many popular streaming services, and its only problem is that it can be a bit irresponsive on android sometimes.


Rave is another known platform for streaming apps like rabbit and is another free alternative. Rave is very popular and has more functionality than many other rabbit alternatives. It is easy to use the app, and like rabbit is supported by all major platforms. It has even support for watching content via not only Netflix and YouTube but also through Google Drive, Vimeo, and Dailymotion like websites. It has excellent interaction features the only problem of this app is that while you are streaming, you can’t activate video chat feature otherwise this a great mobile alternative to rabbit.


Looking up to more streaming sites like rabbit, we have Parsec. It is mainly built for game streaming but can also be used to stream other content, but the control is only with one person and has no webcam and audio support although live playback is impressive.


The AnimeParty site is not a substitute for rabbit as it only has one option for streaming that is Anime. But it has an extensive anime library and has excellent live playback. Group chat is also possible while watching anime content, but webcam and audio chat are not supported. It is an excellent app if you want to have fun with your people like your family and friends while at your own homes, but if you want to stream any other thing or any other content, you will have to switch over to some other site.


The last site is known as myciricle.tv. It is an excellent site for rabbit as it has support for almost all mainstream sites. YouTube and Dailymotion are inbuilt, and sites can be shared in chats and can be streamed together. It has a good message chat experience as it gives support for emoji’s as well. All in all, it is a beautiful app but lacks some chat features like audio and video chat support otherwise the rest of the site pretty similar to what rabbit had to offer.

Final Words

There is no denying the possibilities that were possible using rabbit. However, many apps are now available that can replace it and provide something new and exciting. So, rabbit has been replaced with many useful apps that millions of people are using these days.

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