How Can Businesses Grow Their Digital Footprint?

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In this age of technology and constant information, it’s important to have a strong digital presence for your business.

You should be discoverable by potential customers not only in great numbers to garner sales and revenue, but in quality so you have customers who are more likely to come back to you again and again for your services.

There are many ways to grow your company’s digital footprint.

Focus on SEO

Search Engine Optimization is paramount when it comes to being discoverable on the web. While you can work on this yourself, it’s a good idea to engage SEO agencies to get a full picture of your current SEO landscape and how to improve upon and get the most out of it.

Improving your SEO means improving the things search engines look for when building their index of websites. Ranking higher in this index means more people are liking to find you when Googling for something.

SEO includes building backlinks, analyzing keywords, analyzing links on your site, and looking at competitors so you can tweak your strategy to achieve higher search engine ranking.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile

When looking at user stats for your site, you will likely find that more than half the traffic comes from mobile users.

When building your site or looking at features, think mobile first. Mobile has unique aspects like screen size and touch screen capabilities.

Consider the size of your text, orientation of your pictures, placement of your links, and how fast your pages load.

Get Social

Social media is highly important in marketing, and carving out a niche among the many platforms can help grow your business.

Determine what platform is right for your goals. Photo-heavy businesses may lean toward Instagram, while those skilled in video work may want to try TikTok.

Social media not only builds out your digital footprint, it helps you engage with potential customers and curate a personality for your brand.

You’ll also want to link to these social accounts on your website so you’re easily discoverable.

Widen Your Payment Options

If you sell directly from your website, consider making several payment options available to customers. This can be in the form of ACH, debit, and credit transactions.

You can also use text-to-pay, electronic invoicing, or employee entities like PayPal to gather monies owed.

Capture Reviews

Often people turn to real customer reviews to make the final determination of whether or not they will use a business.

Asking customers to leave reviews that you can use on your site, or can also be found through places like Google and Yelp, will build your digital presence with an eye towards getting more sales.

Create New Content Often

If you have a blog attached to your site, be sure to have a set schedule of content creation. This establishes a relationship with customers, further helps your SEO, and deepens your website.

This also goes for social media. A regular content schedule keeps you on followers’ news feeds and makes you more likely to find in hash tag and keyword searches.

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