Hobby Farmer: How to Get Started

Hobby Farmer

If you are interested in putting together a farm for your own enjoyment, a place where you can raise animals or produce, it is important for you to figure out how you can best do that. You need to have a piece of property with plenty of open space where you can plant things or let animals roam. You need to plan things out so that your farm will be successful.

Figure Out Which Types of Animals You Want to Raise

Some are interested in having miniature donkeys grow up on their property, and others are interested in less well known animals such as fainting goats. You need to think about the types of animals that you have always dreamed of raising, and you need to figure out if they would be happy on your property. Some animals require fields of fresh grass where they can roam, and others want to live on land that has a pond or another body of water on it. You should make a list of potential animals you would like to have around, and you should figure out if they would be happy at your place.

Find Someone Who Sells the Animals You Want

Once you know which types of animals you want to have on your farm, you need to figure out who sells those animals. It might be hard for you to find someone with baby goats available for you to purchase and raise. Talk to other hobby farmers and see if they can let you know where they go when they want new animals.

Figure Out What Crops You Want to Grow

If you are going to be growing crops on your property, figure out what you want to grow. You might grow your favorite vegetable so that you will have plenty of it to enjoy after harvest time. You might grow a crop that has been scarce in your area. Make a list of all of the crops that you think would be fun to have growing on your land.

Learn How to Best Grow Those Crops

Once you know what you would like to grow, you have to figure out what kind of soil those crops like the best. You might have to add sand to the soil on your property or you might choose to have a load of soil brought to your land. You need to figure out if the crops you want to grow like being in the sun or if they are going to need to have some shade around them. You need to figure out what farming equipment is best for your crops. You will also need to figure out if you will have to put up a fence to protect those crops from wild animals.

Figure Out if You Will be Able to Earn Some Money from Your Farm

While the whole point of having a hobby farm is to make you happy, you might be able to make a little money from your farm. See if you can offer tours of your farm or host events on your property. See if there might be a way for you to sell some of your produce once you harvest it. If you can earn a little money from your hobby farm, you can invest that money back into the farm.

You Can Put Together a Special Hobby Farm

If you have an interest in a certain type of animal or a certain type of crop, you might enjoy being a hobby farmer. If you have some money that you can spend on putting a farm together, it might be time for you to create the farm you have dreamed of owning.

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