Highly Paid Career Options In Tech Industry

Highly Paid Career Options In Tech Industry

Pursuing a career in the tech industry is a dream most people yearn for. It is by far the most active field on the planet, offering a handsome income while showing immense growth opportunities in the future. As of recently, the amount of research and development conducted for technology is at an all-time high. Although engineering and medicinal sciences may have room for innovation, they are nowhere close to what the tech industry is accomplishing. Moreover, if you are somehow confused about choosing from various career options, then fret not because below is a list of highly-paid career paths in the tech industry.

Information Security Analyst

Cybersecurity is a task common among most career options. However, this occupation requires the person to be responsible for dealing specifically with complete computer network security. Planning out security steps and monitoring the security system for possible breaches, is part of their job. But most importantly, encryption protocols and establishing firewalls is the primary job of security analysts. They are also responsible for reverse-hacking and looking for loopholes in the security system to identify weaknesses.

Data Analysts

One of the more fast-growing fields of work is data analytics. As a data analyst, it is their task to take heaps of data, investigate it, and spot trends to aid their employers’ decision-making. Data analysts work with stockbrokers, helping with hefty investments, and hedge funds. They also provide their services to the healthcare and marketing industry. Although the occupation is still gaining popularity, it is now the appropriate time to study and make data analytics your future. The technological revolution has also made it possible to get analytics degrees online, which means learning and graduating as a certified data analyst is now possible from home.

Database Administrator

Database administrators work with specialized software to store and manage data. Primarily, their job includes the timely provision of data to the specified staff. It includes CEOs, regular employees, and government officials. Database administrators commonly work with financial and customer records, maintaining their database, and ensuring them with the sales rep and previous orders and budget. They are accountable for referencing the data to sales staff in an organized manner.

Computer Hardware Engineer

The professionals responsible for manufacturing processors, circuit boards, chips, and routers, are known as computer hardware engineers. They deal with the hardware and physical aspect of technology. Thus, they must present methods of upgrading the current hardware or innovating an entirely new model. Although hardware engineers may not interact with code as much, they are responsible for testing their quality and assurance models. Upgradability of modern hardware and making it suitable for future software is also part of their job.

Software Systems Developer

Slightly differing from average software developers, these experts deal with entire systems. A high paying job that requires the developer to produce systems-grade software. Choosing this career path allows you to work for medical, military, nuclear, and several other scientific fields. To thrive as a software systems developer, having a solid foundation of computing fundamentals and engineering and mathematics, is of immense importance.

Computer & Information Systems Manager

These individuals specialize in setting IT goals while organizing plans to meet them. As managers, they are responsible for producing long-term plans, monitoring operations on each phase, and guiding the staff in the right direction. With the title of computer and Information systems manager, you will have to administer computer-related tasks. Drafting a better network and infrastructure is also part of the job. The minimum entry-level requirement is a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Web Developer

The high median pay of web developers makes it an optimal job in the tech industry. Web developers are not only responsible for designing and creating websites, but also for optimizing the performance and general design of the site. It includes both the visual and technical aspects. According to studies, the growth of web developers’ income is to increase by 15% between 2020 and 2030. Thus, making it probably the most demanded tech industry careers in the world.
Even though a large number of developers have a strong educational background, as of recently, a drastic increase has been reported of developers with just a high school degree. Therefore, becoming a self-taught web developer is not a pipe dream anymore!

Computer Programmer

The computer programming field is very diverse. It allows you to pick the type of programming you desire, while also ensuring the choice to switch if it is not suitable. Programmers are known for writing and testing code, mainly for computers and applications. As coding is the primary job of computer programmers, they must possess the knowledge for a set of computer languages. These languages can vary as per your specialties, but some of the essential languages are C++, Java, Python, and Ruby. Despite the compelling diversity that computer programming offers, analytics show the job outlook decreased by 10% between 2020 and 2030. Therefore, job opportunities for programmers seem grim.


Technology will never cease to evolve. Therefore, attaining a job in the tech industry will guarantee you a safe and secure income and different adventures to experience with each project, from web development and programming to game development and cybersecurity. All these occupations offer a diverse experience yet require a similar skill set, making it possible for anyone and everyone to find a place in the ever-growing world of technology.

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