Why should everyone ride a bike?

ride a bike

Everyone should learn to ride a bike and at least keep it as a hobby if not for regular use. Most people learn to ride a bike at a very young age, and that is a very thrilling experience. Many people even remember their first bike to date. And when you stumble onto something new, you just keep looking for excuses to use it. So when most people learn to ride a bike, they just take the bike everywhere with the; To the trips to the park, to the local store, to the picnic with friends and so on.

Many people love cycling and continue to ride a bike into their 80s and 90s, but most people grow out of cycling over time and stop cycling altogether as soon as they get their license. But you should not stop cycling altogether. There are numerous advantages of bike riding, and in today’s age there are a lot of options for bike riders; you can have a traditional cycle, a mini BMX bike, an electric bike, a motorized bicycle and so on. So here are some of the top reasons why you should keep cycling:

1. It is good for your heart

Well, this is an apparent reason but let us just get very clear on this because most people do not realize the importance of cycling in maintaining a healthy heart. We are not asking you to complete 50 miles in one go or go for speed cycling. Even cycling at normal speeds or roughly around 15 miles a week can reduce the risk of heart disease by around 50%. Also, it keeps the body’s metabolism in check.

2. Strengthen your immune system

Riding an electric bike is like getting a moderate session of exercise; This can work wonders for your immune system. First of all, riding a bike relieves stress, and the immune system gets more vital in the absence of stress. You can easily ward off common cold and flu if you are a cyclist who cycles daily. Riding a bike also makes you more active and alert. This way your senses would be fully functional even if you are not a young lad anymore.

3. Save money

You can ride a bike on your commute to save money. Bike rides are not suitable for longer rides but you can use them to go to local stores, on your daily commute, and for an occasional visit to your relatives who live a block or two away. No need to fill up gas tanks, wait in long queues, and listening to the deafening honking of cars. You can simply pick your electric bike and start riding. Once you get comfortable you will find that electric bikes are more convenient and comfortable than cars.

4. Other health-related benefits

A recent survey found out that regular cyclists have fewer chances of developing any chronic disease than the people who do not ride a bike. Also, studies show that people who ride a bike daily have very high energy levels and can endure under stress better. Having cycling as a form of outdoor activity also helps you in your mental growth. By riding outside you also get your daily dosage of Vitamin D. if you are just a couch potato who likes to spend their weekends by sleazing in one of the comfy cushions then you might be prone to vitamin D deficiency. So it is better to take out your bike and go for a ride at least once in a while. This way you will be soaking Vitamin D from sun’s rays. Do not forget to put a sunblock before you head out. This will protect you from sun burns and the harmful radiation.

5. Make your contribution towards a sustainable environment

The whole world is trying to reduce pollution and make this world a better place. By opting to ride a bike over a car you can also do your bit. For a whole day, ditch your car and commute by bike instead, you will surely love the experience. This can also be converted into a family or a community activity. Imagine the decrease in the emission levels if a whole community ditches car for just a day and prefers an electric bike as their mode of transport. This would be a good step towards the conservation of our environment. So be the harbinger of change and try to make other people join you in this notion. I am sure everyone would love the idea.

6. Stay youthful

While doing a physical activity or an exercise, our mind releases dopamine and serotonin. These two chemicals give an adrenaline rush to our body and are released when we ride a bike. These chemicals are also responsible for making us look younger and fighting off stress. So when you can be a young-looking chap on a bicycle why opt for a car instead?

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