FOD Sweepers are Unsung Runway Heroes

FOD Sweepers are Unsung Runway Heroes

When we think of flying we think of many different aspects of flying and on occasion, we might even think about the runway. What we rarely consider, especially if you aren’t responsible for its maintenance, is keeping the runway clean, clear and safe. Don’t worry, the diligent crews and airline professionals that keep our planes airworthy and the ground below safe are on top of it. That doesn’t mean the job is an easy one, however, as dirt, debris and a countless number of foreign objects can create many different kinds of havoc for aircraft, the crew, and the passengers. This is why the FOD sweepers are such an important part of the aircraft industry.

Tarmac Sweepers for Aircraft Safety

While most foreign matter and debris on the runway itself isn’t an immediate life and death issue (we aren’t ever going to see a giant boulder sitting on the runway for example), the harm it can cause to aircraft is.

If runways aren’t maintained and kept clean, the buildup in engines and the blockage of airflow over the course of time can cause detrimental damage to the life and longevity of an aircraft. In the worst case scenario, it can mean engine failure and from there we all know the potential risk. FOD (Foreign Object Debris) Sweepers are the safeguards against the unthinkable and the smart solution to combat the age and wear of our aircraft. From the engines to the landing gear and control sensors, debris is a real threat and danger when not properly handled.

Foreign Object Debris Sweepers for Everyone’s Safety

Airplanes are amazing machines and they aren’t cheap either but they are nothing compared to the value of human life. As important as it is to protect our aircraft, extend their lives and keep them in top working condition, priority one is crew and passenger safety. While FOD sweepers will help an airport or airfield look and stay clean and keep our aircraft safe from FOD, it is the assurance they offer that make these sweepers so valuable.

From runway spills and leaks that can cause slippage to rocks, metals and other debris that can create issues with both landing and flying an aircraft, FOD sweepers are the unsung runway heroes that keep those in the cockpit and onboard safe. It doesn’t matter what kind of tarmac it is, the FOD Boss and its patented design make it the unquestioned leader when it comes to keeping aircraft free of FOD, our runways and airfields clean and everyone safe.

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