4 Questions You Should Ask Your Maritime Injury Lawyers in New Orleans

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If you’ve been in injured on the job and are a crew member or other maritime worker, you should contact a maritime injury lawyers in New Orleans as soon as possible. While many injured workers want to reach out to a lawyer or attorney to get the best compensation they can, they often don’t know what to ask. Here are four question you should ask every maritime injury lawyer.

Find Out About Their Experience

This should be the first thing you find out about. A maritime injury lawyers in New Orleans should be able to tell you about their experience in the field. You want to find a lawyer that has a proven track record of handling cases in the specialized field of maritime injury. Ask about their previous successes and what kind familiarity they have with maritime law and workplace injuries.

Who Will Handle Your Case

Injury lawyers typically work in teams. It’s not uncommon for the lawyer that you consult with to not be on the team that handles your case. Be upfront when you ask about this. You’re going to want to meet with the lead lawyer of the team that will handle your case before signing on with this firm. A respectable law firm will be able to facilitate that meeting, even if it is just brief. Law firms are busy places and the consulting lawyers will have more time to answer questions than the teams on cases.

Can They Handle Cases in New Orleans

Many maritime lawyers can take cases regardless of what jurisdiction they are in. Many of these laws, such as the Jones Act, apply regardless of which state or city you reside or work in. Never the less, having a lawyer that knows the legal ins and outs of your local area will be hugely helpful. While the law may be similar, or even the same, everywhere, companies, judges, and other local factors can play a huge role in whether or not your case comes out on top.

Last but Not Least: Fees

It’s no secret that higher a lawyer can be expensive. Most personal and workplace injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. That means you won’t pay upfront and sometimes only have to pay if you win your case. In any case, make sure to get all the fees in writing before you leave you consultation.

These four questions will give you the best groundwork you need when meeting with your maritime injury lawyers in New Orleans.

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