Fire Risk Assessment for Your Company Building

Fire Risk Assessment for Your Company Building

There are hundreds of different fire hazards around the workplace that you have to think about. Only recently, an entire apartment complex burned down due to a fire that arose in one of the apartments, causing deaths in double digits and injuring more than 50 people. Therefore, fire risk assessment is of vital importance for houses as well as corporate buildings. Fire risk assessment should be carried out at least once a year to ensure that all safety systems are working properly and that everything is running smoothly. If there’s an issue with the cladding in the building, it could eventually cause a serious fire outbreak.

If you want to get risk assessment for fire in Leicester, there are private companies that carry out detailed risk assessments to ensure that the risk of fire remains as low as possible on your property. You can set an appointment with the company on a particular day when offices are closed so that business isn’t disrupted by the company’s risk assessment work. The company will carry out a detailed assessment of all the fire safety and security systems in your place to ensure that everything is working smoothly. Once the assessment has been carried out, the company will create a comprehensive report including their findings and recommendations so that you can implement them to improve your fire safety concerns. Here’s what the fire risk assessment generally covers. Installing security systems for your Orlando business is easy and fuss free, thanks to ACS Fire & Security.

Checking the Building Features

First of all, the fire risk assessment will focus on the major features of the building, such as the cladding and the presence of sprinklers and fire extinguishers on every floor. Any piping will also be carefully inspected to ensure that there’s no leakage of gas inside the building. These are basic features that will be checked to ensure that the risks of fire breakouts are minimised inside the building.

Check the Fire Systems

Next up, the company will check the fire systems such as the fire extinguisher and the sprinkler systems to ensure that they are working properly. Refilling the fire extinguishers from time to time is important, as you otherwise will end up with an empty can if a serious emergency arises.

Many companies that offer remote fire risk assessment work also provide a range of other services, such as 24-hour remote monitoring. For example, if you are not on the property and a fire breaks out, the company will quickly inform the relevant authorities in your area to arrive on the scene and douse the fire as quickly as possible. Even if you want to sell the property, you can get a considerably higher price for it in the market if you decide to get a risk assessment done. As an employer, it shows that you care about the working conditions of the employees and wish to maintain the property. It’s very important that you get regular assessments done to minimise the risks of a fire breakout.

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